White Head Table with Red Runner

Timing This information is all over the internet. I think it is important for it to be readily available here… for you: my clients. The number one thing to remember is that you are asking people to take time off from work, travel, and spend time with you that may not happen in a normal […]

Wedding Bands in Hand

Simple For those of you wondering “what is a dry wedding?” It is very simple… It means: No Alcohol Allowed. There are a lot of factors that go into this decision making process: Parents, religion, and even time of day. I want to discuss, with you, if this is the best decision for your wedding […]

Mother Son Dance at the Fork Kent KC Hal

This is Not Some Generic List This is a list of songs used by my real couples, at their real Maine weddings, sharing real emotions with their mothers. A list of father/daughter dances here! Songs for the Mother/Son Dance at Weddings The Beatles – In My Life Phil Collins – You’ll Be in My Heart […]

Father Daughter Dance at KC Hall in Fort Kent, Maine

This Isn’t Just Some Generic List Found on The Knot or Google. These are some of the top songs used by my real couples, for their real Maine weddings, sharing real emotions with their dads. Songs for the Father/Daughter Dance at Weddings Louis Armstrong – What a Wonderful World Celine Dion – The Power of […]

Point Lookout Summit Wedding Reception Overlooking the Mountains and Water

The Bride and Groom Kayla and Casey had been together forever and a day before their big day. If I remember, correctly, they had been together 8 years at the time of the big day. What a huge milestone to have under their relationship-belt on the day of their wedding. Their musical tastes were unique […]

The Couple It’s always nice to have something in common with my clients. Craig works for the Hannaford Corporate office and I had spent 10 years working for the retail side of Hannaford. Though, Alicia does not work for Hannaford the connection with the couple was easy and natural. Bistro On The Marsh, Kennebunk, Maine […]

Blue uplighting at the Stage Neck Inn in York Maine

The Couple I knew Tony from working with him at Hannaford. His beautiful, now, wife, Tanya is the perfect ying to his yang. Tony is so laid back, funny, and easy going. Tanya is also laid back but always seemed more definitive than Mr. Sciarra. As a couple they were so easy to work with […]

Grace Restaurant in Portland Maine with Full Purple Uplighting

The Venue I had the pleasure of working at Grace Restaurant in Portland, Maine on 11/11/2018. Since then, Grace has become Trine Events at Grace – no longer focusing on just their stellar food. Grace is an old church that was remodeled into the restaurant it once was. The inside of the facility is absolutely […]

McKernan Center Dining Room Set with Circular Tables in South Portland, Maine

Jiving With The Couple Jacklyn reached out to me about 18 months before her wedding. Initially, I didn’t see her inquiry to be anything special; however, as we talked I could tell that we were going to get along great. Connecting over personalities and a trusting foundation built on honesty. Her fiance, also named Chris, […]

The Couple Josie and Aaron found me through one of their friends. I had provided wedding DJ services for them and sent me along to Josie. I knew from the referral that Josie, Aaron, and I were going to have a good time! Josie and Aaron had a solid vision for their wedding day and […]