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What is Uplighting and How Does it Transform Your Event?

Uplighting is a popular lighting technique that can transform the atmosphere of any event. By strategically placing lights on the ground and directing them upwards, uplighting creates a stunning visual effect that adds depth, dimension, and ambiance to any space.

Best DJs in Maine For 3 Reasons

EDM is not our style for weddings unless it’s yours. So, when it comes to other DJs in Maine you are not going to find the skills I possess…

#1 Reason to NOT Do a Dollar Dance

Money dances are a tradition at many weddings. But should you have one at your wedding? This post will help you decide if a money dance is right for you. We’ll look at the pros and cons of having a money dance and give you some tips on how to make it fun and memorable for all your guests. So, read on to find out more!

Let The Music Talk: Creating Memorable Moments With Music at Your Wedding

How many times have you been at a wedding and you can think of an obvious, clear as day, signal that a moment is going to be remembered by everyone? Uncle Jon with a tie around his head, all of the groomsmen shirtless and holding hands in a circle, or Aunt Sandy getting down to Uptown Funk? If you have been to a few weddings we know that this resonates with you.

The Role of Maine Wedding Officiants

Wedding officiants play an important role at weddings. Not only do they perform ceremonies that include vows, blessings, readings, and other rituals, but they set the stage for a flawless and memorable day. The best wedding officiants will be able to adapt because of their experience and knowledge.

Maine Wedding DJs Talking Music: Cake Cutting Songs

You’re Doing a Cake Cutting? Good. Now, let’s talk the best cake cutting songs coming up for 2022 and 2023. You’ll find a theme here – cake, sugar, dessert, and the like. You’ll also find that the songs can be fun and unique. Just because you’re doing a traditional formality does not mean that you have to have a traditional song. Make mom happy because you’re cutting a cake and having a ton of fun with it, too.

Maine DJs Talking Great Music: One Hit Wonders

We are huge advocates of creating a unique experience for you and your guests. No wedding is alike but there are countless DJs in Maine that are. One way we create a unique experience is by using music people have forgotten about. You are unique, your guests are unique, and the soundtrack to your wedding should be, too.