To “DJ Dinner Hour” or Not? That is The Question.

Upbeat Music is Key to a Packed Dance Floor

You’ll get married in an intimate setting. The ceremony will be full of laughter and happy tears. You’ll recess with feelings of excitement, joy, and absolute happiness. And then, imagine, cocktail and dinner hours are consumed by Kenny G and Frank Sinatra… laughter becomes whispers and energy is reduced to the red zone. Don’t get it twisted – these classic tracks from Frankie and Kenny are timeless and everyone knows who they are. But, is that really where we are at in the modern times of the 21st century? When thinking about a packed dance floor you have to consider how building that energy early on affects the initial stages of your celebration, your epic evening, your party. Let’s spin 3 truthful tunes… to bring this full circle.

A huge thanks to Val Bozzi Photography for this photo.

1. Turn Up The Joy

Laughter, smiles, hugs, the clinking of glasses, and conversation happens when a soundtrack of similar energy is playing in the background. Continue the festivities and foster a fun and unique atmostphere by ditching the snore-fest and embrace the joyous wedding day for what it is!

2. Something For Everyone

Nobody wants to sit in a quiet dinner setting feeling the need to hush hush over the clinking of silverware and asking the person to their right to pass the potatoes. Upbeat music during a dinner set can get feet tapping, heads bobbing, and energy flowing. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough is the kind of vibe we are thinking.

3. Let’s Give ‘Em Something to Talk About…

It can be tough during cocktail and dinner hours to find hearty and noteworthy subjects to banter over. (Unless family hasn’t seen eachother in what feels like an eternity) But, low and behold, if you change up that vibe with your music choices you’ll find that conversation about how different the music is will be enough to spark a new fire in the room. Selecting music specific to your tastes will shake up the traditional vibe and steer the car and slam the gas pedal in a whole new direction.

Don’t Worry “Upbeat” Doesn’t Mean Pitbull

It is important to note that we aren’t suggesting Pitbull, EDM, and Twerk are going to be played. If you consider the hits from Motown artists like Marvin Gaye, Indie/Alt rock like AJR, and a lot of acoustic covers of modern songs… You can really cover some bases that will cater to everyone. Singing, smiling, and “hey, is this THAT particular song?!” Yes, it is.  

If people get up and dance that’ s great – because the vibe is there; however, during a DJ’d dinner or cocktail hour set that isn’t necessarily the goal. It’s just a product of a job well done. 


We are professional Wedding DJs in Maine and we take pride in curating awesome playlists for your big day. Consider that running a playlist is totally fine and sometimes it is the only option based on the gear needed for a particular wedding venue; however, to be a DJ means to select tracks based on your tastes and incorporating what your guests are into. That’s why we do what we do. 

Create a party of a lifetime… (Pitbull reference on purpose) and set the dance floor stage early on. Think of the energy in a room and how that continues to build and thrive .. making that opening song for the dance floor truly impactful. 

A huge thanks to Paradis Photography for this photo.

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Our Public DJ Mixes

We do have mixes on a couple of platforms. Soundcloud is an audio platform that allows creatives to put their work out there without music copyright issues. Mixcloud is another platform that lets you listen to DJ mixes without repercussions. While we have a lot of mixes available you will not hear us DJ Dinner in February 2023… we’ll change that real soon.

A huge thanks to Val Bozzi Photography for this photo.

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