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…dances are not what they used to be. It’s hard to believe what is considered radio friendly in 2023. We don’t want to sound too old but as Maine DJs with families we understand the concerns about the content in current music. Until kids are 18, in college, and free to make any life decision they choose… The Cardi B – WAP‘s can stay at home. Edited this song is still dirty and the students just scream the real lyrics anyway.

Maine School DJs Have Homework, Too!

It’s so easy for someone to play the hits you hear on local radio stations in Maine. Surfing iHeart Radios trending and top 100 hits helps, too. That’s all the same thing as copying the answers of your classmate and hoping to at least get a “D+”.

The real professionals are combing through Spotify, YouTube, SiriusXM, TikTok, Instagram, Billboard Lists, and any other trendy place you can imagine for what kids are ACTUALLY listening to. The misinformed parents and DJs of the world don’t know about this underworld of trendy music.

Richmond Maine School DJs School DJ Pricing

We understand that all middle and high schools have very tight budgets and tend to lean toward the most affordable options because of this. School dances are a lot like night clubs. If a great nightclub in Portland, Maine is playing all of the right music and creating the exact atmosphere the patrons are looking for – that positive word spreads and keeps that nightclub busy week after week.

To bring that back around – if your DJs are subpar and the way they sound is too. Word amongst students spreads. It’s not as fun as they had planned. A parent may ask “How was the dance last night?” and a student may reply “the DJ didn’t play any good music” or “the DJ didn’t take requests” or any other aforementioned reason about hiring a DJ that does their homework.

Add A Photo Booth!

A great keepsake at any prom is taking pictures wearing and using funny props then being able to take print outs home – getting digital copies at a later date. Our Maine Photo Booth Rentals are used by schools just as much as they are in any other specialty event.