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Trivia in Maine from Drinking & Thinking Trivia

Trivia has evolved considerably from the old days of paper and pens in the pub! Today’s trivia utilizes technology with apps that allow groups to play together using smart phones or tablets. Still lead by an event host, apps such as SpeedQuizzing eliminate the wait times and cheating rampant in trivia games of the past, while still providing the fun and social interaction among players.

Drinking & Thinking Trivia for Corporate Events

Bouchard Entertainment Presents Drinking and Thinking Trivia in Greater Portland, Maine

Digital trivia events provide everything we love about traditional pen and paper quizzes – working together, the race to answer correctly, and the excitement of competition – while reducing the cheating that makes paper and pen versions so frustrating for participants. Now, trivia questions are provided on the digital device screen, with drastically reduced time given to answer each question. Answers are updated in real-time software, making it virtually impossible to cheat.

Questions come in all forms:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Numbers
  • True or False
  • Pictures
  • Sound Clips
  • ….and more!

Questions can be customized to meet the theme, purpose, or style of event, or general interest questions can be used. Tablets are provided by the host for this interactive game. No WiFi is needed as a local area network (LAN) comes with the package.

We’re excited at Bouchard Entertainment to offer SpeedQuizzing Trivia as part of our entertainment packages! Emcee and host, Chris Bouchard, will work with you to customize the questions and goals of the game as needed, and of course host the fun with your group.

Trivia is perfect for any event – public game night, private party or corporate function!

What remains the same in today’s fast-paced digital trivia? What a fun, energizing and useful tool trivia events can be at your next party, wedding, or corporate event!

Corporate Activities

Trivia provides a fast, simple and highly interactive activity to incorporate into your next business function. Whether you want to simply add a social interaction activity to keep people engaged and entertained, reinforce information employees are learning for their jobs, or build strong teams through working together, trivia offers a fun way to keep people involved.

Questions can be customized to meet the business needs, so if you want to reinforce new information your staff is learning a trivia game is perfect! If team building is your goal, comical and factual company information can be incorporated into questions for added entertainment and connection to the business.

Add Trivia into your next business activity for:

  • Team building Activities
  • Training Programs
  • Reinforcing New Knowledge
  • Serious Quiz Competitions for Departments
  • Improving Morale & Interpersonal Relationships

Private Parties & Weddings

Trivia can be added to a private party or wedding activity as a fun way to keep guests entertained, or a useful way to manage your crowd. Because the trivia can be customized, historical facts about the couple celebrating their 25th anniversary could make the party a blast! You could use a trivia game by table at an event as a creative way to determine the order that folks can go up and get their food. A trivia game incorporating questions about the couple at your Rehearsal Dinner or Wedding Reception could entertain your guests while they await your arrival. The ideas are endless!

Public Game Nights

For restaurants, bars and pubs, Bouchard Entertainment offers, Drinking and Thinking Trivia – the perfect way to bring people into your establishment and keep them there! We provide the tablets or have people bring up the app on their own devices, and from there questions can be general interest or customized for a holiday, theme, or special event.

Trivia is a great way to increase business, especially during slower weekday nights, or to punch up a Friday evening. High energy host, Chris Bouchard, will offer a fun mix of questions that will have your gamers coming back week after week! Bottom line is that Drinking and Thinking Trivia means more money for you every time!

Add Drinking and Thinking Trivia into your establishment lineup for:

  • Boosting mid-week revenue or adding a unique draw any night.
  • Professional live host with an entertainment background will keep your crowd engaged and entertained.
  • All questions and answers are digital, fast, and updated in real-time software, so no cheating.
  • Win or lose, players will come back for more “game show experience” and tell their friends about the fun they had!
  • You keep the beer cold and the food hot, and we’ll do the rest! 
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