This is a super exciting time… Congratulations on this HUGE milestone. To help you I have put together some quick tips to plan your proposal.


Tell her family… tell your family. Tell family. Catching anyone by surprise could definitely provide for some awkward moments after the fact. Having people in the loop, that can keep secrets, ensures you’ll have a wealth of excitement following your significant other saying “YES!”.

Location & Timing

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Location, location, location. Kind of like real estate: the value of a house is based on location, for the most part, and your proposal location is definitely an important part. You do not want to taint the memory by choosing a location that isn’t special to you both. If you connected over skiing – perhaps waiting until your first skiing outing of the year. Did you have a special moment on a beach? Take a walk on that beach at sunset… Always consider how it’ll make a lasting impact on your spouse to be! Timing is to think about sunset, sunrise, or another time of day that is beautiful. Why is this important? Because….

Find a Photographer

This is a moment that cannot be replicated. Finding a photographer to capture the candid moments, and the array of emotions, will make for the most beautiful photos you’ll have.


Are you the couple that wants to share your lives with the world? You know, huge audience and YouTube video? Or, are you the couple that wants to take a walk in a quiet, secluded, bird chirping, or waves crashing, spot to share the beginning of the rest of your lives? This is not something you’d want to know ages before you even plan your proposal. Sheesh, if you don’t know the answer to this I am not sure marriage should be on the radar, just yet.

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