From the team at Bouchard Entertainment, congratulations! Your wedding day should be one of the best days of your life- our job is to make your dream a reality.

Are you questioning who will be responsible for activity direction and a fun atmosphere? Your disc jockey will! Discover how we will coordinate your big day with a look at our sample wedding reception outline.

Guest Arrival

Your friends and family should never be abandoned to an awkward silence! Rely on continuous songs that correspond with shifting moods and volume. During arrival, DJ Chris Bouchard will play low-key music while your guests mingle and sip cocktails.

Grand Entrance

Select specific music, or leave it to your disc jockey to set the stage. DJ Chris will announce the arrival of specific guests such as parents, bridal party, and of course the new Mr. and Mrs.


This typically takes place prior to, during, or after dinner. Traditionally a small speech is given by the Best Man, but many couples ask a few additional guests to speak. Your disc jockey will create an atmosphere comfortable for both extroverted speakers, as well as those stricken with stage fright.


Ongoing background music will play while you and your guests enjoy dinner. We know how important volume and song selection will be, since the Bride and Groom often take advantage of this time to personally thank and greet guests.

Cake Cutting

Depending on preference, this occurs before dinner, after, or following dances. During this ceremony, the Bride and Groom cut two pieces of cake for each other. After concurrently feeding each other with direction from your disc jockey, guests are served cake as well.

Special Dances and Activities

Most formal dances last from three to four minutes. If you are having a hard time with music selection, take a look at our list of popular song requests. The following are traditional special dances and activities that DJ Chris will announce and direct for you.

  1. Bride and Groom First Dance
  2. Father and Daughter Dance
  3. Mother and Son Dance
  4. Bridal Party Dance
  5. Garter and Bouquet Toss
  6. Miscellaneous Activities (The Dollar Dance, Shoe Game, Bride and Groom Trivia)
  7. Anniversary Dance
  8. Party Time!
  9. Last Dance

Bride and Groom Send Off

DJ Chris will announce your departure. If you would like to take this moment to capture photos (guests blowing bubbles, confetti, sparklers) he will instruct your guests where to gather, or you can make a speedy exit and head off to your honeymoon!

Although this is a traditional reception line-up, your event can be completely customized. If you are in need of ceremony music, please let us know and we will be happy to accommodate this and other unique requests. The team at Bouchard Entertainment is thrilled that you are considering us for your Maine wedding, contact us here to begin planning the special day you’ve always imagined!