A Professional Emcee and DJ are Underrated

What Is An “Emcee”?

This is probably the best place to start because it’s not a term that is used often in day to day life; furthermore, the spelling here is different than you’d typically see it. “Emcee” is another way to say “MC”. Emcee and MC what is the difference? There isn’t one. An MC (Emcee) is the Master of Ceremonies. Most DJs in Maine are also your MC’s: making all of the announcements, doing introductions, and keeping the day moving. Other states in New England like Massachusetts often have a DJ and an MC at each event. That’s the short of the long and here is how a great MC will take an event from good to exceptional.

Masters of Ceremony

does not mean we are your wedding officiant or justice of the peace. It’s a term that describes the individual holding an event together. The ability to manage time, remain on their feet and make quick decisions, and alleviating the stress of their clients is where a true professional elevates an event. Find out how this impacts your wedding here.

Captivating and Bold

A good Emcee will make their presence known in all the best ways. Ad-libbing and mumbling are not a thing here. Short, concise, and intelligble announces keep transitions between events and spaces seamless.

Perfectly Scripted

Not all professional Emcee and DJ’s script their language. We have found it to be super important to script our events. Even if what is being announced is “run of the mill” it doesn’t take much to stumble over oneself. Sometimes couples do some really different things for their weddings and being able to script the language in advance is super important to making everything tailored and smooth.

Professional Emcee AND DJ?

That’s right – we do both. Having touched on it above we don’t want to spend a lot of time on it here. Wedding DJs in Maine task themselves with being the Emcee and DJ. This may sound like we are doing too much but that isn’t the case at all. Having both as separate individuals in states like MA require coordination and the potential for mistakes that are easily controlled if the DJ is also the emcee. You’ll also find that DJs in Maine are typically more expensive than other states. It requires a level of skill and experience that goes well beyond just playing music.

So, Why Do You Need a Professional DJ and Emcee?

It is easily broken down like this:

1. A professional DJ reads the room and reduces stress through their behind the scenes planning process.
2. A professional Emcee collaborates with the DJ and the dream team brings your event to a whole new level.
3. Your stress level comes way down as the event or wedding planner. Because there is someone there to help you delegate and execute the most delicate parts of the day.
4. The value in your Emcee and DJ being the same person also reduces the stress of coordination, opposing positions on a timeline, miscommunication, and a multitude of other stress inducing pain points.

That’s why #3 is important… to avoid #4.

A huge thanks to Ally at Portland Photo Co for this photo.

best man making toast at poland spring resort maine wedding

The Conclusion

A wedding, corporate gathering, holiday party, or trivia event, a professional emcee and DJ are the unsung heroes. A DJ curates the best playlists, reads the crowd and adjusts, and has the technical know-how with the right equipment for your specific needs. Never skimp on the DJ because a Spotify Playlist cannot read the floor, make requests, or react to what it is seeing on the dance floor. Make sure your Emcee doesn’t go into a WWE radio voice, too. Unless you like that sort of style. 🙂

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One More Thing About The Emcee and DJ…

How one holds a microphone says a lot about their expertise and experience as an MC. If they’re holding it at the top like they’re a rapper or metal head on TV it’s safe to assume they need more training on microphone etiquette.

We always make sure that someone giving a toast or speech understands that you must hold the microphone like an ice cream cone and near your chin. That’s how one delivers the best quality sound into a microphone.

Let’s chat about being your Emcee and DJ for your next event or wedding.

best man making toast at poland spring resort maine wedding

A huge thanks to Samantha Kensell Photography for this photo.

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