Recessional Song Choice Woes

It’s no surprise you’re having trouble selecting a song for your ceremony, let alone, your recessional. It’s not easy – but we are here to make this easier by leading you in the right direction for HOW to select your recessional song.

What is a Ceremony Recessional Song?

A recessional is the end of the ceremony when the newlyweds make their way back down the aisle to leave the ceremony. Their bridal parties and guests follow. Selecting a song is actually easy:  Make it fun and upbeat – but also have it represent you two as a couple. The recessional song choice will set the tone for the rest of your day!

Bride & Groom Recessional | Samantha Kensell Photography

Photo Credit: Samantha Kensell Photography – Maine Wedding Photographer

Bridge and Groom recessing from their ceremony at The Five Bridge inn Rehoboth MA

Image Credit: Erica Ferrone Photography – Massachusetts Wedding Photographer

Our Top 5 Recessional Song Choices (From Real Couples!)

  1. Hall and Oates – You Make My Dreams (Come True)
  2. The American Authors – Best Day of My Life
  3. Steve Wonder – Signed, Sealed, Delivered
  4. The Beatles – All You Need is Love
  5. Chris Brown – Forever

These may, or may not, be in the top 5 of most of the lists you can find out there. These are OUR top 5 — the top 5 recessional choices by my couples from 2020. Keep it fun, keep it you, and set the tone!