Your Maine Wedding DJ: Chris BouchardJiving With The Couple

Jacklyn reached out to me about 18 months before her wedding. Initially, I didn’t see her inquiry to be anything special; however, as we talked I could tell that we were going to get along great. Connecting over personalities and a trusting foundation built on honesty. Her fiance, also named Chris, was quiet and low key while Jacklyn was a little more “robust”. Little did I know that Chris had a bunch of friends that I had worked with in the past. It was a match made in Maine wedding heaven. It was an honor to have been able to share with Jacklyn and Chris.

The McKernan Center

At SMCC is very unique. It is also super beautiful to look over the coast of Maine. Watching the sunset over the water and the boats passing by. It’s truly a sight for postcards and sunset photos on Willard Beach. If you’re lucky you’ll get to see a giant cruise ship come in and dock off the coast. Appealing to the laid back & adventurous souls the interior shape of the venue is very unique. White pillars and elegant stairs to the rooms above. A dining area with a dedicated bar and a “sunroom” wrapping around the dining area where you can overlook the coast of Maine. Who knew a venue at a community college could offer such a great experience? The available ceremony locations also appeal to the outdoorsy person in you. Getting married in a botanical haven or on an old fort that once guarded Portland from enemy ships.

Transforming the Venue with Uplighting

It’s not new news to show you how uplighting can change a room. I was fortunate enough to provide intelligent lighting for Jacklyn and Chris and it TRULY brought in Jacklyns vision of the big day.

The Bride ALWAYS Say it Best

“Chris and I were on the same page from DAY ONE. He made suggestions based on my personality, things I never would have thought of, that were so great. He made me feel calm during my wedding, and totally catered to the guests. I even had a last-minute request to throw a bouquet and he made it work! Amazing, so much fun… HIRE HIM NOW!!”

  • Jacklyn Peters, Bride