how much are wedding djs - answered by Maine DJ Chris BouchardFIRST: HOW MUCH ARE WEDDING DJS?

This is a loaded question as the range of pricing for DJs in Maine can vary from $500 to $5000+. We believe a better way to figure this out is learning more about what a wedding DJ does for you. At the end of the day you get what you pay for and knowing what a professional DJ does helps one to understand the vast price range.

The list of things a professional wedding DJ does for their couples should not surprise you as it correlates with the price of the DJ. Not only is what a wedding DJ does for you but also what they provide you.

It’s understandable that this may all sound a little confusing which is why we have broken it down into 4 tiers of pricing you can expect for all Maine DJ Services.

Our 4 Maine DJ Pricing Tiers

Are below – and if you wonder where Bouchard Entertainment falls you can get more info by clicking the button below!

$500 to $900

how much does a wedding dj cost in the $500 range

  • Hobby
  • Little Experience
  • Limited / Low Quality Gear
  • No Planning Resources
  • Limited Music Knowledge
  • No Contract

In this price range you can expect a DJ that does weddings on the side of their normal day job. The experience they have is typically very low – Often times this leads to more headaches or frustrations as they are not able to help you work through some of the hiccups one comes across in planning their wedding.

Their equipment may not support your needs, presentation isn’t always great, and on top of this you may not be getting who you talked to. The big Maine DJ companies often give you a DJ at a lesser value than you paid. The owner needs to make their cut, too.

Finally, what’s worse than a vendor backing out of your wedding because they found a higher paying gig? We see this a lot… And for the couples that spent this amount of money are often looking at spending the same amount or more again because their original DJ backed out and disappeared.

Yikes… We always say “buy once and cry once”.. you won’t have to worry about our DJs disappearing. (On purpose or by chance)

$1,000 to $2,000

how much does a wedding dj cost in the $1000 range

  • Somewhere between a full time gig and a side hustle.
  • More experience in a wider variety of events.
  • Limited, yet better quality, equipment.
  • Some or little tangible planning resources.
  • Decent Music Knowledge
  • Simple Contracts Expected

In this range you are looking at a more experienced DJ who will likely have better equipment to suit your needs. Their experience will help answer your most common wedding planning questions but will leave you wanting more as their tangible resources are going to be very limited.

It’s still questionable if you will receive a contract from a lot of wedding DJs in this price range. It’s reasonable to expect one from the DJs on the $2,000 end as this is probably their full time line of work.. if not it’s the lions share.

Fewer hobby DJs here for sure. But if you’re looking for a higher caliber skill set you may not find that here…

Do you expect a fade in and fade out.. hard stop and hard starts with each song? Silence between them… or a mumbler that’s all muffled through the speakers? DJs that attend seminars and are constantly learning new skills and this includes their MC skills. This brings us to the DJs in….

$2,000 – $3,000

how much does a wedding dj cost in the $2000 range


  • Full Time Work
  • … Means a wealth of experience.
  • Higher quality equipment with an array of backup options on site.
  • Tangible, in hand, resources on the higher end of this spectrum.
  • Up-To-Date Music Knowledge and Experience
  • Immersive contracts that protect you and the DJ from a poor experience.

Now we are talking Maine Wedding DJs who are set up to help you succeed and party like you want. Why would a DJ cost this much? Holy f that is a lot of money!

Understandably, having covered the other 2 tiers you can get an understanding of what a professional DJ does for you… but here’s some more to consider:

How much a wedding DJ costs includes:

  • Tangible resources to help you plan your wedding including music choices, other frequently asked questions, and timeline creation.
  • A wealth of experience that will make your day less stressful, more fun, and laid back.
  • Skillset – there is nothing worse than the fade in and out DJs. How about blending music from one song to the next, fun word play between songs, build ups and remixes creating an undeniable energy on the dance floor?
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to know your DJ and have your DJ know you? As professional Wedding DJs in Maine we take a ton of pride in making a relationship with our clients… to feel more like friends.

$3,000 +

how much does a wedding dj cost in the $3000 rangeThis is where you can expect AND get everything. Have your cake and eat it, too. We understand this is a lot of money… But is really much more than the flowers that are going to die after the day is done?

A solid wedding DJ has a wide music knowledge to cover all the different ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, and heritages that appear at every wedding they do. Their skill set and DJ services they offer the top of the line, best of the best, no questions asked.

And whats more – their experience, planning resources, and knowledge are there to guide you along the way. Your wedding is the damn SUPER BOWL! Don’t let anyone tell you that the DJ isn’t worth the money.

We. Make. Your. Guests. Dance. That is what they are talking about on the way home. Not the floral arrangement hanging over the dance floor. We can promise you that.

Let’s keep you on track and informed. Keep your wedding reception on schedule. And f’n party. That is what a real Maine Wedding DJ does.

Common Questions About Bouchard Entertainment and our DJs.

What's Your Style?

This question is something we get a lot. It makes sense – you want to know how we handle the day. Fortunately, we have written a blog that breaks it all down for you!

Can you send us some pricing and package info?

We are happy to discuss a-la-carte pricing and package pricing if you would like to contact us!

What type of music do you play?

We could show you a playlist from one wedding and show you the wedding the week following…. You’ll see two totally different set lists with some crossover. There is no written formula except that we consider your wishes, observe your guests, and feel the room to make song selections. It would be safe to say that we play what makes your guests dance.

Do you have uplights?

We do! Most couples utilize 20-30 lights per wedding. Check out some uplighting photos over here…. 

How long has Bouchard Entertainment been DJing?

Bouchard Entertainment has been focused on Maine Destination Weddings since 2014.

What does your setup look like?

We maintain a “low profile” setup to ensure the spotlight is focused where it should be: you and your fiance.

Are you insured?

Bouchard Entertainment, LLC is fully insured as a licensed business in the State of Maine. We utilize a business owners policy which is more in depth and offers more coverage than your average insurance a DJ may carry.