The Job of A

DJ is to provide you with useful information and guidance to help you plan with ease. This information could be song choices for your wedding processional. Or, what other couples have done when there is a weird family dynamic for the grand entrance. Planning with ease includes utilizing an online planning tool to keep your information, thoughts, emails, ideas, financials, and contracts all in one spot. There are a lot of services out there that DJs have access to – each system designed with you in mind. 

Day of Coordinators and Wedding Planners

Are also individuals that are skilled in guiding, answering questions, and facilitating plans that are outside the scope of what a DJ can realistically do. At the end of the day it is important that your disc jockey and planner/coordinator are all on the same page. Your vendors should be skilled in working with one another and this should be a stress free experience for you. That is why we are here!

bride and groom chairs with pink and white flowers overlooking the ocean
womans hands holding an iphone taking a photo of a bride and her bridal party

Wait… My DJ Plans My Reception?

Well, no, we don’t plan it but we help YOU plan it. Having performed over 100 weddings we understand how long things take, logistics that are to be considered, and we have the experience that most engaged couples do not. Therefore, disc jockeys listen to your ideas and help you translate them into an actual sequence of events. 

Convenience is Key

Is important to all of us… especially when, it seems like, everyones lives are on the go. Having access to your plans on your phone or tablet is super useful should you have an idea, or a song pops on the radio, or some other inspiration comes to you. You need to put it in the right place as to not lose it right now!

You Get What You Pay For

If you want easy, fun, organized, and exciting you can get that with a Maine DJ that provides an online planning. If you want someone to show up, hit play, and ask you what you want to do next…. there are DJs in Maine that do that, too. We offer an experience from beginning to end – having our own personalized planning tool through our website makes communication and planning stress free.