Your Maine Wedding DJ: Chris BouchardI’ve ALWAYS Thought

That dancing makes me feel better. Who says LAUGHTER is the best medicine? Music is about the feelings it creates. The way your body wants to move is infectious. Whether you are bobbing your head, shaking your tail feather, or just tapping your feet. Science has PROVEN that dancing makes you happy. How do I know?

I Know This Because

I read an awesome article from that says “music is the universal language for everyone.”! This has been my mantra since I was young little boy! How exciting to finally have it confirmed in an article much more legitimate than myself! 🙂

The Full Article

Explains it much better than I can. In a short summary before I provide an awesome link is that people suffering from depression felt happier and more satisfied with their lives. Children, very young, clap and bounce when they hear a song they like. Our brains release endorphins, when we dance, that create feelings of comfort and and confidence. All of these facts can be found here: Science Proves: Dancing Makes Us Happier In fact every sentence I just wrote came from there.

So Dance

The night away. Don’t be shy out there on the dance floor. Get out there as the bride and groom. Be adventurous, be joyous, and enjoy the fruits of your planning! It’s not hard to get down – because, truly, nobody is watching except the others getting down with you.

In All Honesty….

You’ll see shaking and grooving, too. Most of the time a lot of eyes are on me and I have noooooo idea! 🙂