wendy-brian-091816-martindale-country-club-uplightingAre you looking at Martindale Country Club as a potential venue to hold your wedding reception? Are you also wondering if this is a good place to have your ceremony? Well, I am here to provide you with some information about the golf club, the staff, and the potential the venue has!

Like many other country clubs in the state the venue is relatively small; however, it is big enough for your average size wedding. The staff takes care of everything from setup, cocktail hour food, and dinner. The venue allows you to have your ceremony out back on the course overlooking the beautiful scenery. Mike, the on site manager, allowed my particular couple to have it out front on the lawn…. but this is not a normal setup for the venue.

There is bar in an adjacent room to the formal reception area which allows for easy access to traditional beer and cocktails. The formal reception area is set up very well for uplighting and looks fantastic when done properly!

Martindale Country Club in Auburn is a great little spot to have your wedding and reception. The professional, and courteous, staff will take care of everything you need. The venue allows sights to Maine’s natural beauty while overlooking the well manicured golf course at the back of the building.