Maine WeddingsThis past weekend, 7/8/17, I had the honor of providing wedding DJ and MC services for Ben and Kristy Nadeau at Primo Restaurant & Barn in Rockland, Maine.

The Nadeau’s had a small gathering of guests. (Approx. 55 people) There were license plates from Massachusetts, New York, and New Hampshire. A beautiful destination wedding on Maine’s stunning coast.

Mother Nature was not on Ben and Kristy’s side; however, a little perseverance and patience allowed them to have their ceremony, outdoors, as originally planned. We were just a wee-bit late, but who’s counting?!

Everything was perfect…. the setting, the food, and the atmosphere. I got to witness one of the most heartfelt father/daughter dances I have ever seen. (on this side of the DJ table, of course!) The couples first dance was coordinated and beautiful to watch. The maid of honor and best man had great speeches that were delivered, flawlessly, through nerves and anxiety.

The only concern I had was how hot it was in the barn. I thought the guests would be outdoors as soon as they could when dancing started….. but they proved me wrong. A group of 55 guests filling a, very small, dance floor and keeping it that way until the very end. I was absolutely amazed and had a ton of fun!

One guest was snap chatting videos of me all night…. I don”t know who in the world saw me do what! 🙂

Ben and Kristy your wedding stands out to me as one of the best of 2017. I am only half way through my busy wedding season but I feel like it will remain in my top 3. Everything was just perfect.

Thank you for having Bouchard Sound at your wedding. The honor is truly mine and I am so grateful for having been able to share and celebrate with you. Let’s do it again, soon!