Your Maine Wedding DJ: Chris BouchardIf you’re planning a party for this holiday season, why not make it an event that stands out from all the other holiday parties by utilizing the skills of a professional DJ?! Whether you are in charge of a corporate party, or hosting a large holiday bash for friends and family, you can do something special that your guests will really enjoy and talk about for months. Great music and dancing are always crowd pleasers, and there are several other aspects to a professional party DJ that truly bring on the fun.

At Bouchard Entertainment, we like to create unique experiences for guests at the parties we DJ, and while we spin the best tunes as well, we also offer many unique services that really make it a party for everyone to enjoy.

Beyond Music

Great music is a given when you bring in a professional DJ, but there is so much more to today’s parties and events than just music. You can host a themed bash, capture the fun with a photobooth, and include visual displays of slideshows, music videos or other activities during the party. As a professional emcee as well, your DJ can of course provide all your announcements, and help with presentations and other speaking activities during your party.

Beyond the usual decorations, lighting goes a long way to making a party feel legit. Professional lighting accents spaces and creates ambiance, and adds a lot of flare to a space. Uplighting and spotlights can accent decorations with customizable color schemes, monograms of your business name, logo or initials, gets people to look where you want them to, and makes a space feel more comfortable. A huge gymnasium can be made to feel inviting and a conference room can look like a dance party with the right lighting.

Take on Some Trivia

A great DJ can also be the host of a fun-filled activity that engages everyone in the room. Make your party truly entertaining by including a trivia game at your event for an activity that anyone can get involved in, no matter their physical capabilities. Your DJ can customize the trivia to include questions about your business to test everyone’s knowledge in a fun and educational way. They could also add questions about family history, the exploits of certain individuals, or other fun facts that pertain to your guests. You can award clever prizes, or simply give bragging rights to the best table. Either way, trivia is always a sure winner at setting everyone at ease, and getting people interacting with others at the party.

Entertain Everyone with Karaoke

Karaoke combines everyone’s love of music with their dreams of becoming a singing star. Your DJ can help you set a theme or select a playlist to get the singing party started. With great sound equipment, fun special effects, and a huge playlist, you can turn your party from humdrum to a room full of laughter and cheers with a professional DJ’d karaoke party!

Host a Dance Party

Of course a professional DJ has an expansive music library and can fill the night with everyone’s favorite songs and dance tunes! Your DJ will work with you to outline your schedule for the evening and the tone you want to set for your crowd. They know all the latest hits, as well as all the classics and dance favorites. If someone has a special request, a professional DJ is likely to have it at their fingertips. Instead of just plugging in someone’s Pandora to play a music mix at your party, hiring a DJ will bring a level of variety, customization and fun that can’t be matched.

Take the Pressure Off

Ultimately, you want to relax and enjoy your party! You can depend on a professional DJ to manage your schedule through announcements and other techniques to get people’s attention. They are in charge of the equipment working properly, keeping things on track, and creating the fun for your guests so you don’t have to worry about all that. When people take an active part in activities at your holiday party it will become a memorable one, and your party will leave a lasting impression.

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