Your Maine Wedding DJ: Chris BouchardWhen planning an important event such as a wedding, banquet, or business celebration, there are so many important details on our minds that we seldom consider the lighting. Flip a switch, draw a curtain, and we have lighting, right? Well, not really. Overhead and traditional florescent lighting casts harsh shadows and is inconsistent. Natural light changes dramatically with the time of day and weather, so it is completely unpredictable. However, good lighting contributes considerably to making an event feel special, and your guests feeling comfortable. Bright lights kill ambiance, dull lighting leaves people feeling isolated. Bottom line, good lighting is important! As you plan an event, add lighting to your list of important items to consider.


Uplighting is essentially a lighting special effect that creates a dramatic accent to your party décor and ambiance. By strategically placing light fixtures on the floor and pointing them up, uplighting can really define a space, contribute to your color scheme and party theme, and create an environment that is intimate or a dance party. Uplighting is a very effective way to dramatically improve the atmosphere of an event space.

Spotlights & Illumination

Spotlights and illumination lighting grab people’s attention and get them to look where you want their attention to be focused. If you have a keynote or other featured speakers at your event, you want to have them highlighted with a good spotlight. If you are planning a party on the dance floor, great spotlights fanning participants and pulsing with the beat really contribute the energy of the party. Lighting shrouds the speaker, performer or panel of experts so they can own the floor. When people know where to look, their attention is focused and they will be more engaged.

Accent Lighting

Lighting has come a long way from the tripod spotlights of old! Today’s accent lighting includes customizing lighting as a decoration with color themes and images, monograms of your initials, or projection of your business logo on the floor or backdrop. Great accent lighting can replace the need to print banners, place flower arrangements and decorations, or purchase other bulky décor.

“Intelligent” Lighting

Intelligent lighting refers to stage lighting that has automated abilities to produce extraordinary effects, and elaborate light-shows. Programmable, or intelligent, lighting uses rapidly moving lights, changing colors, and customized shapes, to create a memorable experience for the audience. The best music and dance shows include this technically dazzling effect using specialized lighting.

Where Do You Get Great Lighting?

Once you know the mood you want to create for your event, a lighting professional can create the effects and atmosphere you desire. Advances in lighting technology are spectacular, and truly nothing can have such an impact on the ambiance in a space as good lighting. The colors, impact, and illumination of a space that lighting provides guides the feelings and mood of your guests. Lighting also has tremendous impact on the impression of a space – large spaces can be made to feel inviting, and a dull industrial space can feel homey, all with the right lighting.

Most professional DJ’s have all the equipment necessary to create a great event experience – including professional lighting effects! Here at Bouchard Entertainment, we can provide all the accent lighting you might need – from uplighting, to spotlights, to customized monograms and light-shows. We will walk you through the lighting decision process, advise you on the best ways to accent and de-emphasize venue features, and how lighting effects can highlight certain parts of your event.

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