A DIY Wedding and You

There is a lot to be said for a couple that wants to do their wedding themselves: Diligent, headstrong, strong values, and frugal, are a few ways to describe a couple that wants to take on the biggest day of their lives head first. Planning any event is hard; whether it’s a presentation at school or a birthday party there is a lot that goes into the process. From the big details like who are you going to rent a tent from? Or, will we need the best wedding DJ service? Potluck or catered event? That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

DIY Wedding Tent and Dance FloorThe Big Rocks & Little Details

The big rocks have been mentioned… You’ll need to figure out where the food is coming from and how you will provide shelter for your guests. Will you be doing a DIY iPod wedding or hiring the best wedding DJ service you can afford? The little details will get you! Party favors and who is going to make them? Save the dates and invitations.. Napkin colors and where to get them.. I could go on forever. The point is: This stuff is normal and very rarely missed because you can get hundreds, if not thousands, of lists all over the internet to help you remember all of these big rocks and little details; however, none of these lists cover this…..

Why Having a Point Person Is Important

Your wedding day is going to be hectic. You have done all of this planning and it’s all coming together for the biggest day of your life. You’ve decided on a potluck because it is the most frugal way to provide food for your 125 guests. Cut down trees and groomed the land you want to put your tent on. Decided that you’ll put the tent up yourselves to save on the rental costs. You’ve hired the best wedding DJ service you could afford and the little details you checked off your lists. Sounds great, let’s go! … But, you are forgetting something. You need a person to be your go-to. Speaking from experience, as a DJ, it can be very difficult to track people down or truly know what is going on if every person I talk to says “I don’t know but I saw so-and-so over there.” Put aunt Jackie or uncle Tom in charge of making sure that the day goes as you want it to. You can always enlist your maid of honor or best man to be in charge. Let them know when things are supposed to happen and communicate with your DJ who to ask questions to.

Maine DIY Wedding Tables and ChairsStress Free Wedding Day

Having a stress free, DIY wedding, depends on having the right people in place to take the pressure off of you. You have done all the leg work and you want to enjoy the fruit, right? The only way to enjoy your day without too many headaches is to have someone in charge. Call them your day of coordinator, your point person, your uncle that has a strong will to keep things moving, whatever it may be. Have a point-person so you know your best wedding DJ knows who to talk to, as well. The worst thing in the world is trying to hunt you down while getting questioned about where the groom is… Or, checking in with you to find out where Grandma is with her famous chili because we cannot get dinner started without it. It just helps everyone be a little less fatigued – most importantly, it allows you to just enjoy the fruits of your DIY wedding labor.