Your Maine Wedding DJ: Chris BouchardThe Trend

As of October 2018, I have noticed that more and more couples are looking to without a cocktail hour. Upon further discussion, I learn that they just want to get to the party or, sometimes, just looking to save the money on the additional time they will need their DJ for. I am sure there are some other reasons, as well, but this is what I have experienced.

The Truth

A Bouquet of White Roses at a Wedding ReceptionIt is important to have a cocktail hour, half hour, forty-five minutes because it allows time for your guests to mingle and grab something to drink if they feel inclined. You’ve brought friends, family, and loved ones together. Some of which may not have seen one another in a long time. The cocktail hour is their time to catch up, shake hands, and just be social. If you forgo having a cocktail hour: Chances are people are going to take the next free moment they have to catch up and that is usually at the end of dinner and during the dancing portion of your night.

The Importance

Of a cocktail hour isn’t just the chance for your guests to mingle… It also allows time for your photos even if you’re doing a first look session. You could also join the cocktail hour and talk to all of your guests before dinner. This would make the dinner rounds and catch-up unnecessary.

Yes, you might have to pay for just a little more background music and, sure, you’ll have to endure an hour of happiness and joy with all the people you’ve asked to come celebrate with you. Just remember: having people engaged and content when it comes time to dance means you’ll have a better time rocking the night away!