In late 2016 we were presented with an opportunity to entertain the guests of Whit’s End Campground in Ossipee, NH for a couple of Friday nights. We have been fortunate enough to continue our relationship with the guests and management team of the campground.

On Memorial Day Weekend of 2017 we were there for our first time this season. We saw a lot of faces we recognized and some that we did not. For the campers it’s a getaway for a summer of relaxation and continued fun as Whit’s End is always providing weekend entertainment throughout the summer.

Having moved Bouchard Sound’s location in early 2017 we are a little bit further away from Whit’s End Campground now. We can say with complete sincerity that the longer drive is made well worth it by the enthusiasm from the guests and their families.

Bouchard Sound Services is looking forward to a fruitful endeavor with the folks at Whit’s End. We appreciate their continued requests for DJ entertainment services. Here’s to a stellar 2017 summer spent with the campground!