I have, personally, done more than 100 weddings in the past 5 years. I have found that the placement of the entertainment is always overlooked or thought of last. It never occurred to me that someone may not know what is best… It’s not your responsibility to know what is best; however, it’s always good to have a general idea. Right? I want to go over the general placement of your DJ, at your reception, and a small segment based on where to put your guests, too!

The Reception and Your Maine DJ

A professional Maine DJ service is the heart of your party and the key to a successful reception. Putting your DJ in the proper location allows them to interact with your guests, observe who is tapping their feet to a specific genre of music, and become part of the reception – not just a figure lurking from a balcony or secluded corner. The ideal placement, for any DJ, is on or near the dance floor. This placement puts the DJ where they need to be in order to answer questions from guests and vendors, coordinate special dances, and properly execute the formalities of your wedding.

Maine-Wedding-Father-Daughter-DanceThe Lifeline of Your Party

In my experience the best way for your DJ to keep your dance floor full, and keep guests happy, is to be right there with the crowd. A wedding DJ that cannot see the guests dancing is a DJ that has a harder time selecting the right songs, at the right times, for the right people.

But, I Can’t Put My Maine DJ Near the Dance Floor

You’re tight on space and it doesn’t make sense to organize everyone to suit your DJs needs. It happens and that’s ok! If you need to put guests in between the DJ and the dance floor: be cautious! You don’t want to put your grandparents or parents nearest the DJ – Why?

As DJs we are trying to cover an entire area, full of guests, with our setups. It’s always loudest nearest the DJ and it is unfair to put them so close so keep the kids and young adults do best nearest the DJ and have a wonderful time no matter where your DJ is setup!