Your Maine Wedding DJ: Chris BouchardPlanting the Seed

The number one dilemma is that you probably haven’t thought about the placement of your DJ for cocktail and dinner hour. Your first question, right now, is how does this affect me? We’ll get into that, I promise, but for now I wanted to plant the seed. It is important to consider your specific needs for cocktail and dinner hours. Having this information in the back of your mind will help you get a more tailored and specific quote from your prospective DJs. It affects the amount, type, or need, for specific equipment or capabilities of your DJ.

The Ceremony

Imagine being outside on a beautiful fall day. You’re standing at the arbor with your significant other – just waiting to say “I do”. Your parents and grandparents watching from the front row and all of your other guests behind. Your DJ has provided a PA system with a microphone to make sure all of the guests can hear what is being said. Things are going according to plan and soon you will be enjoying cocktail hour not too far away.

Cocktail Hour

You’ve had your first look photos and you have said your I do’s. A few quick family photos and it is time to enjoy a few drinks, just down a small hill, with friends and family. The weather is perfect but you don’t hear the playlist you and your DJ agreed on. A little bit of dead air – why? Ceremony and Cocktail Hour Setup at The Hitching Post in Dayton, ME

The Dilemma

Is  that your DJ is unprepared, improperly equipped, or just didn’t know that your cocktail hour would far enough away that a second setup is needed. Now they are breaking down and shuffling as fast as they can. In this time there is dead air – nothing to be heard. Any professional wedding DJ’s goal is to provide a seamless soundtrack to your wedding day. Don’t let this dilemma affect you…

The Education

It is important that you know the location and needs of your venue. This information can be easily translated into questions like “Do you have enough equipment to put sound in two spots?” “How will you make sure music is seamless between the ceremony and cocktail hour?” “Have you been to this venue before and how did you handle this situation?” Something to consider is if your DJ can simply turn a speaker around to transition between the ceremony and cocktail hour. Some DJs can and some cannot… like me.

Better Questions

Bring better answers. Always be inquisitive about what you’re getting. The value of a seamless soundtrack to your wedding will set the mood for the entire day. There is no price tag on professionalism and how it translates to your wedding day.