Your Maine Wedding DJ: Chris BouchardHosting an Private Party

Kathy Welch and her family definitely know how to have a good time. We all have some lessons to learn from this families gathering. The family, like many, have a reunion every few years to keep in touch and remain tight knit; however, this year they did it differently. Not only was it a year to gather but it happened to be 30 years since Kathys husband lost his inability walk. Kathy figured “what the heck – it’s our 39th anniversary, too!”¬†Entertainment has never been part of their party and this year they hired me to bring the trifecta to life.

A Maine DJ versus an iPod

Often times costs are a huge part of any party planning. Families don’t want to spend money on a DJ when they can use their iPod or radio. Kathy’s husband, George, was skeptical from the beginning. I remember him saying “we have always used the radio, before”. I saw this as a challenge! I was able to gauge their crowd, guess ages, and provide a wide array of music for dancing and background music. We had an absolute blast. The family danced, tapped their feet, and bobbed their heads the entire night. I knew when I left that I had helped provide an experience – not just a music source.

Family Enjoying a Special Family Movie Outdoors Under A Tent For Their Family ReunionThe Client Said it Best

“Hi Chris,¬†
…George is still talking about you (trying to think of another party), and the grandsons.
We had a lot of fun, and we will tell anybody and everybody how awesome you are!!

Thanks again
Kathy and George “

Potlucks = Good Food

Kathy and George made some of their famous beans and asked their family to bring an entree, or dessert, to the party. The best part about potlucks are the all the different types of, homemade, food you get to have. Kathy’s grandson is also a culinary arts student and he was able to grill the best chicken wings and steak tips anyone has ever made.

A Professional DJ Service

Provides you with an experience that you will remember. It is about the moments that are created and not just the music that is provided. Hiring a professional DJ for your private party is not only a smart thing to do – it is the right thing to do. Imagine having someone who cares about your private gathering as much as you do. They want to make it successful, they want to help, and they’re going to make sure everybody is enjoying themselves. You’ll leave wondering why you had never done it before.