Your Maine Wedding DJ: Chris BouchardTiming

This information is all over the internet. I think it is important for it to be readily available here… for you: my clients. The number one thing to remember is that you are asking people to take time off from work, travel, and spend time with you that may not happen in a normal calendar year. With that understanding you must know that timing is everything.

When Should I Send My ‘ Save the Dates ‘?

If you want to be timely and considerate to the special people in your life you will focus on 12 months in advance. This is especially poignant if you are having a destination wedding where folks will be asked to travel. Every wedding has travel involved because not all families live within a couple hours of one another. Accordingly, make sure you give guests the appropriate warning. If you are not worried about travel and are hosting something a little smaller… 8 months would be okay, too. There is a window there that allows you to consider all of these factors and anytime in between is perfect!

Okay, The Wedding is Approaching: When Should I Send My Invitations?

Very similar to your Save the Dates you should be considering the amount of time folks need to plan. First, consider that you sent out your save the dates however many months ago. Those that plan on going have your save the date on their fridge. Those who plan on going, and may not be so organized, have lost your save the date. Those who never planned on going, in the first place, have probably, respectfully, thrown your save the date away.

In any case it is likely that your wedding has approached much quicker than anyone would’ve thought.. including you. So, it is only fair to allow guests plenty of time to plan time off from work, time for travel, do the kids need to miss school, and “crap, I need to buy a gift and make sure my dress fits.” There’s a lot that goes into this!

Plan on 8 weeks away from the wedding. If you’re only having immediate family and it’s just down the street… 6 weeks away is okay, too. Either way – this window is much smaller and that’s because your wedding is so close!


Always have a plan and make sure you’re keeping your guests in mind. They do not have as much to think about as you do… but, that’s why planning ahead, for everyone, makes this a lot let stressful and a much better party!