Your Maine Wedding DJ: Chris BouchardChoosing your wedding flowers is one of the most creative aspects of wedding planning. Perhaps you are going the sentimental route and carrying the same flowers your mom did, or maybe your fiancé has always given you purple roses so they are a must have. Either way, set yourself up to have florals that perfectly capture your overall wedding theme, don’t break your bank, and don’t cause unnecessary stress with these suggestions:

Choosing the Right Florist

Like any of the professionals you are hiring to help with your wedding festivities, take some time to consider a few florists if possible. Make sure you feel that the florist you are considering is listening to you, and you feel comfortable you can work with them. A good connection with the individual means you will not only have a better experience, but you are more likely to get the look you are going for.

Always ask to see their portfolio of photos of their work. Florists, like other creative industries, are artists at heart. Each has their own unique aesthetic that they are known for. Most florists can accommodate many styles and looks, but usually still incorporate their own flare. Some will show loose, more artistic designs, while others may have a very tight, traditional look to arrangements. Look through their portfolio to be sure their style matches the look you are going for.

Timing Your Consultation

Your wedding flowers are a major decorative component to the overall look of your wedding, but don’t jump in too early to meet with the florist. You need to have a few key things nailed down before talking flower arrangements. You will need to have your wedding date, venue and guest count finalized in order to have a realistic conversation about floral options (what is available and in season) and costs. You also will need to have chosen your color palette for your wedding. Any professional florist can accommodate your color scheme, not the other way around.

Choosing the Right Colors

It’s best to pick colors and a design theme for your wedding, not your flowers. Your florals should complement your overall wedding vibe. Think about the color of your bridal party attire, and then choose a coordinating, or perhaps contrasting, color palette. An experienced florist can guide you to many floral and greenery options that will appropriately enhance your overall wedding atmosphere. Some brides like to go with flowers of the season – colorful spring bouquets or rich colors of fall. Don’t forget neutral hues and greenery! These options generally save some cash, and add depth and texture to your floral arrangements. The flowers for other purposes beyond bouquets and boutonnieres, give you a chance to fill empty spaces with burst of color and create tablescapes beyond glassware and chargers.

Buy Local and In Season

Choosing flowers and greenery that are in-season, and local to your wedding venue can save you a lot of money! It’s very costly to ship in flowers grown elsewhere, and it’s very likely your local florist can match your colors and general look without having to spend loads shipping in something from Europe. It’s also nice to support local business, and you will get a much fresher product that will last longer.

Have Examples

Even the best florist can’t read your mind, so having some clear examples of what you like to show them at your first meeting will be very helpful. This doesn’t mean sharing your Pinterest Board with your florist that has 1,001 wedding floral examples in it. Take the time to organize your favorite looks and themes so the florist can really understand what you are looking for. Also be aware that many wedding floral images displayed online may have been color-corrected or otherwise edited for extra wow factor. If you have never seen roses in that color before, it could very well be that it is because they do not exist. You may need to be a little flexible, and let your floral professional guide you to realistic options and colors for your special day.

Should You DIY

If you are thinking about doing your wedding flowers yourself, consider carefully what you are taking on. Fresh flowers mean last-minute work, so are you really going to want to be cutting stems and tying arrangements in the final hours before your wedding? If you have a family member or friend interested in helping you with this aspect, make sure you are very clear about your expectations with them and that you feel confident they are up for this important responsibility. Along with purchasing all the flowers and greenery by the piece, you will also need to purchase or obtain vases, floral supplies and other necessities. Consider how you will keep them cool and fresh, and also how you will transport and install all the floral at your venue. It’s certainly not an impossible element of your wedding to DIY, but be sure you think through all the little details first. You don’t want to be adding a lot of stress and take your time and energy away from enjoying your special day!

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