Your Maine Wedding DJ: Chris BouchardThe Venue

I had the pleasure of working at Grace Restaurant in Portland, Maine on 11/11/2018. Since then, Grace has become Trine Events at Grace – no longer focusing on just their stellar food. Grace is an old church that was remodeled into the restaurant it once was. The inside of the facility is absolutely stunning. Perfect for the adventurous soul in the middle of Portland, Maine. Parking is definitely to be considered! In Portland it can be difficult to get yourself a good spot where you want to be. This is especially true for this venue. If you’ve got good soles on your shoes and enjoy a small hike – this is the perfect venue for you!

The Honor

And pleasure were all mine to celebrate with Jessica and Dom. We played a mix of 90’s and 00’s rock for their cocktail hour in the finished basement of Grace. While in the main area of the event center we played a modern mix of soft listening, mellow, artists. The couple danced, dinner commenced, and their guests absolutely partied on the dance floor.

Portland, Maine Uplighting

I had the honor to provide purple uplighting for Jessica and Dom. The transformation the lights made in this beautiful venue go unmatched by any other transformation I have made. The arches of the old church ceiling, the large pillars and elegant windows made the color pop and the couples personalities come to life. See for yourself here.