Play if Possible Playlist for Your DJ

The idea behind the ‘play if possible’ list for your DJ is to provide an idea of what you music you would like to hear during dancing while not restricting them in their ability to read a crowd and play the music that’ll keep them dancing. We always suggest that couples go overboard with their play if possible music because it’ll paint the best picture of what they are into and what they feel like their guests are also into. 

As Professional Wedding DJs

We don’t claim to know your guests better than you do; however, experience over time has provided a good background to know what tends to work best and what does not. Incorporating your tastes in music is super important – let’s be real, this is YOUR wedding day. But hiring a DJ means you need to trust them to command an energy filled dance floor. 

Do Not and Must Play

We have covered this before but in summary:

  1. Limit your selections to 7 or less (20-30 minutes of music depending on song length)
  2. Generalize – No Michael Jackson, No Line Dances 
  3. These songs pertain to dancing only – not for your formalities or ceremony. 

If you want more information about the do not and must play music lists come on over here.