My previous blog was about the wedding of a couple that left an imprint on my heart and how I will never forget their special day. I am happy to say that the wedding of Marla & Tim Grovo was just as special on October 1, 2016. I was blessed to have two very special couples two weeks in a row.marla-tim-dj-chris-bouchard-10012016

Marla and Tim’s wedding was very unique. This is not because it was at a super unique venue or had some wild ceremony traditions that I wasn’t used to… but because I worked with Tim in the past at Hannaford and this, for me, sets a wildly high expectation that I felt I had to exceed!

Going into the planning process with Marla was an awesome experience from the day she first reached out to me.┬áI remember talking about the details, going back and forth about red uplighting, and just having a conversation that was fluid and natural; needless to say, I knew that I would be┬áreminiscing about her and Tim’s wedding in the future.

marla-tim-vows-10012016As we got a little closer to the wedding Marla asked me to be part of her ceremony. I got to meet her cousin, a Canada Native, Karen Barg who would be playing the violin for her ceremony. We had some memorable sound issues right in the middle of the ceremony… I am not sure how many people actually noticed but I know that I was stressed right through my core! One professional to another we made it all work and the ceremony was beautiful. I had a brief moment to walk behind the guests and snap a photo of Marla and Tim while they were doing their vows. This is something I don’t normally get to do… and I am very happy to have caught such a special moment of this beautiful couple tying the knot.

The reception and the ceremony were a good distance apart. I scurried from West Buxton to South Portland, where my wife was playing cocktail music, to get things in order for the celebration to ensue! The reception was amazing… I don’t have the vocabulary to say it any other way! Right from the start the guests were full of life and the atmosphere was just relaxed and light hearted through and through.

All of the formalities went off without a hitch… I even teared up for Marla’s dance with her dad…

When I was planning with Marla I was concerned about the amount of dancing time she had lined up for the night. She told me, a couple of times, that she knew her crowd was going to be on the floor the whole night. She was right. From the very start until the very end we had a lively crowd dancing to everything from Celebration to Cold Water and everything in between. This was a first for me…. Almost 4 hours of people dancing their hearts out. I look back at it, while typing this, smiling because it left a huge impression on me!

Marla you’re an absolute sweetheart and Tim is very lucky to have you by his side! Tim, you’re a stand up guy that I respect and am happy to have been able to be a small part in your big day. Together, you’re an absolutely beautiful couple that have left a lasting impression on my heart and soul! I will remember your wedding for years to come because it provided me with such fond memories and I had such a wonderful time.

Cheers to being the newlywed Grovos! I hope to be part of your 10 year celebration in 2026!