Elegant Maine Wedding Venue

On 8/27/16 we had the opportunity to DJ a wedding at the Portland Club in Portland, Maine. This old mansion, on State Street, kind of blends into the historical facade that Portland is known for. The Portland Club is located just a few doors down from Mercy Hospital and just a stone throw away from the Old Port.

Encapsulate Portland, Maines History

Once you get inside the venue you are immediately struck by the character this old house has. Everything is made of wood, hand crafted and full of historical value. The elegance, the decor, the lighting, brings you right back to what it would be like to live in a beautiful mansion in the heart of Portland, Maine.

The Black Tie Company

The Portland Club is catered and run by The Black Tie Company. This was my first experience with one of Maine’s most highly coveted caterers. I must say that the elegance of the building was tied in beautifully by the caterer, their staff, and the presentation of the food. If you are looking for modern elegance and a, 5 star restaurant style, 3 course meal the Portland Club should be on your list of must-sees.