A Barn Reception Area

A Barn in Dayton, Maine is one of the most intimate and beautiful barns to get married in. I have been blessed with an opportunity to celebrate with amazing clients at A Barn. If I could get married, all over again, I would put A Barn at the top of my list.. Hindsight is always 20-20 and here are the facts you need to know if you’re considering a barn wedding in Maine.

Driving up to the barn you feel like you are in the most suburban part of Maine.. Driving up to an old farm house… maybe even a bed and breakfast. The warm and cozy feelings the landscaping and historical barn give you are exactly what you want on your wedding day.

The barn has a massive property out front and out back… Beautifully overlooking a body of water where your ceremony can be had in complete bliss. A patio for cocktails and that quintessential, rustic, old, barn to dance the night away.

Having a large wedding? Do not be concerned! The property has plenty of space to accommodate parking and a large guest count. Imagine how perfect a barn wedding could be and imagine how this rustic farm house could foster those dreams and make them a reality. A Barn is truly a place to remember.

You feel at home because the owners give you everything you need to¬† have the most perfect day of your life. The warm and kind hearts of the entire family make you feel like you’re part of theirs while you are combining yours.

Put A Barn high on your priority list… I understand they don’t book every weekend like some others. So, dates are limited and time is of the essence! There is plenty of information on their website on who to contact and where.

Check out their website here.

Photo Taken From A Barn’s Facebook Page.