Maine Wedding DJHardy Farm in Fryeburg, ME is a beautiful location for a contemporary rustic themed wedding. The farm is located so close to the New Hampshire border, in what feels like the middle of nowhere, that you can utilize the farm to get away but be close enough to the shops in North Conway and, during the right time of year, just a few miles from the Fryeburg Fair.

A small piece of property has never had so many places to make your rustic wedding ideals a reality… You can get married in the Maine woods with rough cut benches atop hand cut logs with an arbor made of rough cut wood to match. Don’t be fooled… just because you’re in the Maine woods doesn’t mean you don’t have power and the ability to have music and microphones to help everyone hear!

You can have dinner and cocktails under the tent that is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the wooded ceremony area. You can also have cocktails on the patio that is secluded by the shape of the barn and attached house.

The barn at Hardy Farm… Is very small but so full of character and life! Two staircases that elegantly start at one end and wrap around to make a balcony. The wood is most definitely original, as are the windows, and almost everything else about it… Updated electricity, flooring, and the balcony bring it into the 20th century but leaves you feeling like cows need to brought in! It is air conditioned, but if its hot, its hot…. as there is no insulation in there! When I said it was small… You’d be lucky to get 75 guests inside.

The Hardy Farm is a beautiful spot to have your wedding dreams become a reality. The farm is rented for the weekend so that you and your bridal party can have a place to stay… making the weekend more comfortable and the night of your wedding a little easier! Don’t be fooled though, there is a lot that goes into providing music and sound for an event at Hardy Farm as the multiple locations provide a lot of unique challenges and moving parts. Be prepared and hire the right individuals for the job! A lot of equipment and experience is a must.