We Are A

Maine Wedding DJ Company that prides ourselves on the experience we provide for our clients. We promise from the moment you inquire that our customer service excellence is going to exceed our competitions. Part of this experience is our focus on being candid, transparent, and forthcoming to remove any doubt or questions about anything. This allows you to feel comfortable as both our client but also on your own during the wedding planning process. Giving you the confidence you need to have an easier time planning and a stress free wedding day. – We’ve got you covered!¬†

We’re Not For Everyone¬†

Not only are we not for everyone because our approach isn’t something you desire. We are also not for everyone because there are Maine Wedding Bands throughout the state that offer services that suit a lot of couples, too. As DJs in Maine you would expect that we would push clients to choose us and not “them”. That’s just not how we roll and if you are looking for a band to perform at your Maine wedding here’s the only one we recommend:

Every Other Sunday

A Wayne, Maine Wedding Band

Bouchard Entertainment has had the opportunity to recommend, work with, and recognize how Mike & Tori treat their clients. Their 9 Piece Wedding Band couldn’t be more diverse, caring, and genuine. If you’re looking for talent to cover a wide array of music – Every Other Sunday has got you covered!