Here Our Top 5 Tips for Hiring Your DJ:

Your Maine Wedding DJ: Chris BouchardOne.

This may sound too simple… But, make sure your prospective DJ is available!┬áIf you’ve got your venue on lockdown and you’re ready to get the big check marks taken care of: It is never too early to book your DJ. Especially when they’re a good one. Demand is high for professional entertainment. Don’t be left in the dust wishing you had acted sooner.


Research: The internet is a beautiful thing! You can find anything about anyone nowadays. Do a search of all of your prospects and read their reviews, testimonials, and examine their website and Facebook accounts. Is there continuity between all of these platforms?


References: So, you’ve done your research and you think you know everything there is to know about the DJ you want. But, do you? Any DJ should be more than happy to connect you with past and present clients so that you can ask poignant questions.

Why did you hire this DJ?
Were the announcements easy to understand?
Are they, did they, or have they, exceeded expectations?

There are more of course… But, more on that later!


Experience: How much, or how little, does your prospective DJ have? It’s important to find someone who can lead your day – not be led. An experienced DJ can make decisions and shuffle timelines while you are none-the-wiser. Your DJ knowing how to handle any situation will allow your wedding day to be stress free… as it should be. Don’t let the biggest day of your life be the biggest disaster, too… Experience is knowledge and knowledge is power!


Personality: Does your DJs personality fit your style? This couldn’t be more simple and more complicated at the same time. Making sure that your DJ is a right fit for you requires questioning to make sure they will bring the life to your celebration. You can’t undo what has been done – so, avoid this by asking how your DJ will handle situations like requests, being an MC (master of ceremonies), and how they interact with your guests.