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I have only been married for five years. Not a long time but also not like we got hitched yesterday. When I look back on wedding planning I wish we had more at our fingertips for the purposes of planning. I also wish I was more involved… so, ladies, tell your guy to get in on this. These are the things I wish we had done when we got engaged. From an insider perspective here’s what I think you should know that you’re going to get hitched!



Congratulations! This is THE moment you have been waiting for. The love of your life (LOML) has finally popped the question and you said “YES!”. This is happening, no matter what, and it is guaranteed that the upcoming months are going to fly by. There is going to be so much to think about… so many people to talk to. Just so much to do. Don’t stress about this! We have a fantastic list of “firsts” to help you begin this amazing, exciting, once in a lifetime, experience.

Without a doubt you will begin collecting! Pinterest boards, magazines, reviews, Facebook groups, blogs, dresses, and information from your friends and loved ones. Don’t be overwhelmed by all of this! You have your entire life together to plan… Basics first and everything else second.

Where do I begin?

That’s a great question. It’s not like there is any order to this… but, there are definitely some places you’ll want to start much sooner than later. Below you’ll find some pointers that worked for my wife and I. Having been engaged, married, and 5 years strong I can offer some advice, some insight, from experience versus imagination!

Just Be

After you’ve called your parents, posted your ring picture, and celebrated with friends… just be. You literally have your entire lives together at this point! Enjoy the time together, travel, experience life, talk about how things should be, just be with the excitement! This is such a milestone in life and there is no reason to rush it.


It is important to know what you can spend and, of course, how much you want to spend. There are a million guidelines out there on how much, and how, to budget. I’ve written some key things to think about here…. It is important to know how much you can spend… as that is the beginning of how much you can afford below.

Choosing A Date

The most important part of choosing your date? Well, the best venues and vendors are snatched up by those that chose their date quickly. Sometimes a year, or two, ahead of time venues can be all booked up.

My wife and I couldn’t agree on what time of year to get married. I wanted to get married in the fall but she told me it may be too cold. She wanted to get married in July and I told her it would be way too hot! What did we do?… We got married in June on a weekend we could be sure that her teacher-sister would be done with school and that, we hoped, would have the best chance for perfect weather. Needless to say: We got married where we wanted for a price that worked for us. It took us 2.5 years to get there!

The Big Three Wedding Vendors

Beautiful, elegant, unique, cute, & rustic, are all adjectives to describe you ideal wedding venue. This is definitely where you should begin. It’s hard to celebrate your marriage without a venue to hold you and your guests! Also, without a booked venue your date is just a date!

Dark, fluffy, candid, & classic, are great terms for a photographer. What’s your style? Photographers are a huge part of your wedding day… from start to finish they are there journaling all of the sweet moments you’ll be part of…. a lot of them you won’t even realize!

Upbeat, lively, fun, outgoing, & organized, could describe your potential DJ or band! Entertainment is the NUMBER ONE thing guests remember when leaving your reception. The band, or DJ, can make or break your wedding day. Song choices, appropriate equipment, experience, and mannerisms are important things to consider!

Be Inspired

This is not a step… it is just something to think about. Imagine your dream wedding and what that looks like for you. Imagine how your food will look and taste.. what color will your cake be? Are your bridesmaids dresses all matching or inspired by their personalities? Be happy, be joyful, and hold onto these thoughts. When it comes to making your wedding day stunning… It takes the inspiration and desire to make it so.