Finding the right DJ for your wedding in Maine can prove to be a daunting task. There are a ton of places to begin your search and  there are a ton of, online, resources with conflicting information. You may be thinking: “how does this guy’s information differ from the rest?”. Well, that’s easy, I am Maine Wedding DJ speaking from my experience behind the booth. The others, like WeddingWire, are “industry professionals” with little to no real life experience.


Common Concerns

I think it is very clear that weddings are expensive. No matter what your budget is… it’s expensive. We all have differing opinions about money; however, pricing should not be your only concern. There are a ton of factors that influence pricing of a DJ. More often, than not, the price is built around experience, inclusions, and quality. Some DJs will give you everything, except their kitchen sink, for $800 with unlimited hours. Where other DJs are charging $1500+ for 25% of the same services. Why? You ask.

Quality vs. Quantity

A professional DJ, in any state, provides a lot more than just pressing play and taking requests. The best way I can explain it is like this: Your DJ wears numerous hats & they are the heartbeat to your wedding day. We are your master of ceremonies (MC), your point man (providing day of coordinator functions), your planning resource, your lighting expert, your energy consultant, as well as your DJ. The DJ you are hiring should be providing 5 out of 6 of those hats without any extra costs… and they should be doing it very well. Anything beyond all 6 of those hats like: Officiant, Full Day Of Coordinator Functions, Bar Service, Unlimited hours, Catering, and whatever else they choose to take on… ask yourself: How good can someone be at ALL of those things? The idea is to hire a professional in their category… You wouldn’t hire a foot doctor to perform surgery on your heart would you?

Testimonials & Reviews

This should be a given… Google, Bing, WeddingWire, The Knot, Facebook, Yelp, personal websites… The information is everywhere. Not only is it everywhere but it should have continuity.. You shouldn’t find 5 stars all in one spot and 2 stars in another. Ask your prospective wedding DJ for contact information from previous clients. If the reviews aren’t enough your DJ should be happy to provide the info of others so that you can ask questions and be put at ease.


Budget or not… Referrals from other friends or brides can go a long way. If you attended your friends wedding and their DJ was spectacular… It’s probably in your best interest to grab their business card or information from your friend. Their pricing could be all over the place but if you were happy, or your friend was happy, than price should not be a concern. Remember one thing: the DJ can make OR break your wedding… Don’t get caught wishing you woulda, coulda, or shoulda.

Personal Values

There are are a lot of things that fall into this category. I want to focus on what you believe a DJ should look like, act like, and provide. It’s not hard to sniff out the liars and con artists.. If you think someone is too old it isn’t a bad thing. It’s not uncommon for DJs to be pushy or be a used car salesman when they have their initial consult with you. Professionalism, looking the part, and providing the services you want are super important. These are three value systems that all brides-to-be need to consider.

In Conclusion

Pricing is not the only concern. This may be a big concern but should not be the deciding factor. For your 10 year anniversary do you want to eat at Applebee’s or a fine dining Grill Room to celebrate such a large milestone in your marriage? Testimonials and reviews of all wedding DJs in any state… they should be positive, congruent, and easily accessible all over the web. Referrals: Whether the referral comes from a wedding you attended or the DJ provides you a list of contacts… Get comfortable asking the right questions! Finally, what do you value in your DJ? What makes someone the BEST fit for you? All things considered your DJ should be providing, at the bare minimum, the following: Day of coordinator functions, master of ceremony work, pre-planning services, and of course the music to make people dance.

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