Your Maine Wedding DJ: Chris BouchardSimple

For those of you wondering “what is a dry wedding?” It is very simple… It means: No Alcohol Allowed. There are a lot of factors that go into this decision making process: Parents, religion, and even time of day. I want to discuss, with you, if this is the best decision for your wedding day.

The Truth

Is that I have done countless weddings… I have also been a part of countless private and public events. I can count on two hands how many of those events have been dry. It’s not very many. It is important to say that I am not for or against a decision in either way. I am not here to sway you… but to educate. The dry events I have been a part of have either ended hours early because everyone left. – OR – partied harder than any other event that particular year.

…So, What’s the Difference?

Great question… it is the cohesive family. The love. The respect. The desire to share in a special moment and celebrate as if no one is watching.


Mean a lot in our lives. Whether there is a low or high expectation is based on the situation we are in. When I go to a movie I expect that popcorn will cost way too much and the drink will further the highway robbery. I expect when I go out to eat that the server will be genuinely kind and speedy. I expect when I eat breakfast for coffee to be part of the package. Right? We expect things… So, set the expectation if you want to have a dry wedding. Don’t let it be a surprise to your guests! “You are invited to a dry wedding” right on your save the dates and invitations! This will make sure that people are not disappointed and that they have prepared for the outing.

The Other Side

Of the coin… Means that you could have fewer guests or some that come, anyway, and are kind of upset about it. Rest assured that those who came because they wanted to be there will be the true love line of your wedding day. They’ll probably enjoy the laughter and memories more having done it sober, right? I know the best times in my life were without alcohol… regardless of what story lies behind. Smaller guest count means less money spent and it also means that they truly love you and want to be there.

So, Is a Dry Wedding The Right Thing to Do?

This is a personal question. Very personal. If you’re going to change the food to meatless, or you’re not going to have alcohol, or you’re going to do a Disney Themed Wedding… you need to let people know. Doing this will prepare them for the event and allow them to do the things they feel necessary for the day. I have seen parties liven up ONLY when the alcohol has set in… but, I have also seen parties go awry when the alcohol sets in. One thing I know for sure… is that the right right plan in place with the right entertainment can make any party one to remember. It’s all about how you prepare. Every time.