Your Maine Wedding DJ: Chris BouchardThe Belief

Is that DJs don’t do anything but press play and make a couple of announcements. It is a common misconception that individuals have because they, literally, do not know any better. There are a handful of DJs that will just show up and press play for you. Most people don’t want to pay for such a poor service and I can’t say that I blame them.

The Truth

Is that your DJ is a key component to the success, or failure, of your wedding. There are a handful of hats a wedding DJ has to wear. From start to finish your professional Maine Wedding DJ will be planning with you, offering assistance, tips, and tricks along the way. Guiding you from the very beginning to the very last song of your wedding day. Your Maine DJ will have some day of coordinator functions as they know your plans and how you want the day to go. Your Maine DJ will coordinate with other vendors, make timeline adjustments, and field guest questions so that you have a stress free day. Your professional wedding DJ will play the music that people love and create an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Do I Really Need All of That?

That’s a great question! The answer is: yes. You do need all of that! Why? Because this is the biggest day of your life… something you have thought about, dreamed of, and anticipated for a long time. You are tying the knot with your best friend, soulmate, lover, and confidant. Why wouldn’t you want the most spectacular, stress-free, day of your life? Celebrate, enjoy, and relax, because you have hired an individual that can handle anything for you.

A Candid Ending

There is no way an iPod can read your dance floor and take seamless requests. I’ve also never heard an iPod create an experience, either. An iPod is to be used at a bonfire when there is no formal gathering… just having a good time. I can only imagine what an iPod wedding sounds and looks like. It screams “cheap” and “I don’t care.” Celebrate in style, celebrate like this day will never happen again, celebrate like this is the BIGGEST day of your life; because, it is.

So, Do You Really Need a Maine Wedding DJ?

Is the sky blue? 🙂