diytablenumbersAre you planning your wedding or thinking about what type of wedding you would like to have? If you’re already planning your wedding you know that some stuff you can save some money on by doing it yourself… You also know that some things are better if they’re not on your plate of “to-do’s”, right?

Are you engaged and just starting the planning process? Are you thinking about doing things yourself to save money? Here is a blog I did about where to try and save money where to not try and save your money. A question was recently asked of me: “How much DIY should a couple put on themselves?” I’d like to take an outside-looking-in approach to this!

The short answer to this question is that it’s entirely up to you. As I mentioned in a previous blog you shouldn’t be trying to save money on your entertainment or your photographer. These are the people that create the lasting memories that will forever be talked about. The link is here if you wish to read more!

When I look back at my wedding I was very happy to pay people to do things for me. My wife and I didn’t have some super extravagant wedding but we spent money in the right places. Our DJ was the most expensive part of the wedding… His setup, attitude, professionalism, and music choices were on par. Our photographer was with us from start to the very end.. dancing with us and just having a grand old time. The hall was decorated and we had a relatively inexpensive caterer, but the food was fantastic. We made our own programs for the ceremony, had some family members sing at the ceremony, and my wife spent a lot of time doing the finer details at the reception hall the day of the wedding.

If you are on a tight budget it may not be an option for you to spend money and have things done for you. Remember though… your wedding should be stress free on the day of and to accomplish this, in a DIY wedding, you need to enlist the help of your family and friends. Ask family members to help do a potluck for dinner, create wedding favors, decorate your hall or outdoor tent, create seating charts, be a faux bartender, or whatever you need! It is up to you, ultimately.

DIY or not…. help from family and friends will be needed!

Take on what you can take on and are comfortable with. If it’s beginning to stress you out and you are not enjoying the planning process you have got to find someone to do it for you. Planning will always be stressful and I would never say that your wedding planning should be stress free! Its a huge day with a lot of details… Give yourself time and allow yourself to process things. If you’re engaged yesterday and want to be married tomorrow you’re rushing it! You have forever to get married so take your time to plan the day and it’ll all fall into place!

I promise. 

Last but not least all weddings are technically “DIY”… it’s on you to plan and take care of everything. How much stuff should you actually be involved in? All of it. But if you spend money in the right places, enlist the help of your loved ones, and give yourself plenty of time… it’s a no brainer. Having fun and enjoying the process is the most important part… I’ve said it a million times… you only get to do this once!