After a slow month in July I am in full swing for the second half of my wedding season! I had the pleasure of kicking it off right with, the now, Danielle & Mike Zemrak at Saddleback Mountain in Rangeley, Maine!Danielle and Mike Zemrak August 6th, 2016

I had the honor of providing music for the couples ceremony on the back terrace of the venue. The area overlooked the grassy skiing trails and empty ski lifts perched at the base of the mountain. It was a humid day with an iffy weather forecast. As soon as I was unloaded into the venue and done chatting with Mike about the setup for the day it began to pour buckets of rain…. Concerns were high that we wouldn’t be able to be outdoors…

Mother Nature knew it was my first day back, in full time wedding DJ mode, and allowed the rain to subside and the sun to shine for the most beautiful and heart felt ceremonies I have seen in a long time! We later kicked off dancing and kept the floor full until the newlyweds were climbing a ladder right outside the windows to take pictures on the empty ski lift! It was definitely a fun thing to see.

Once they joined us back inside we kept the floor full, the drinks coming, and the fun didn’t end until 11pm. What an amazing start to the 2nd half!

Mike and Danielle, thank you so much for having me as part of your day. It was a true pleasure and honor to work with such a genuinely kind and loving couple. I hope that your mini videos from the cameras come out amazing and that I was a able to truly provide and experience that will last a lifetime!