Barn Weddings in MaineWith barn weddings on the rise in Maine I am finding more and more opportunities to work with new people at different venues. I had the pleasure of working with Misty Coolidge at Coolidge Family Farm in New Gloucester, Maine this past weekend and there aren’t enough good things I can say.

This was my first time at the venue and first impressions of the barn and landscape did not disappoint.

The barn is your average, really old, not huge… but not really small, barn. One of the things that really stood out to me was how Misty had a rustic looking bar built in to the corner. This isn’t something you see very often and I think it adds a very modern touch.

Another small detail, that made a huge impression, were all the different chairs lined up at the tables. Usually, you would see uniform chairs.. or chairs with covers… but, to stay true to the barn feel, each table is lined with chairs that are old and some of them matched and a lot of them did not. It is a truly unique look and I thought it was really cool to see.

Cocktail hour can be held on the front of the barn or out back… My couple decided to have it out back where there is patio furniture, an outdoor bar, and a deck. It’s a very big area and on a nice day is a beautiful area to relax, have a couple of drinks, and socialize.

New bathrooms were built out front at the end of the driveway… This sounds a little strange… But it isn’t! They’re very real, very functional, rustic bathrooms! The smell of the fresh wood, decor, and setup just adds to the essence of having your wedding in a barn!

I could go on for days about all of the details of the barn and how awesome Misty Coolidge is to work with. Go check it out! Contact Misty and get your date set if you’re looking to have your rustic themed wedding at a quintessential barn here in Maine.

You will not be disappointed!