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You’ve spent months planning your dream wedding and ideal reception. Now you are in the home stretch to your big day. All the reservations and deposits have been made, your invitations have been sent, and there are just a few final details to complete. Then, you get hit with a curve ball you didn’t expect. Planning complicated events such as weddings involve many, many details. It’s very likely that some unexpected issue will arise, maybe even a few of them! Last minute problems are to be expected, but do your best to avoid some of the most common ones:

You Lose Your Cool

First, know there will be last-minute issues that arise. Handling eleventh-hour problems with composure and grace is an ability unto itself. Expecting some glitches to come up will go a long way toward helping you remain calm. Snapping at your mom, or taking your stress out on your bridal party, is not how you want your day to go. Share your worries and ask for help, sure, but do so kindly and respectfully. Keep your focus on your larger priorities. Guests arriving late, a slight change in the menu, a difficult family member are all par for the course – let the small stuff go. Remember, your ultimate goal is to marry the one you love, so no matter how some of the smaller details of your days go, the most important thing is starting a new life with your spouse.

Weather Disruptions

If you have planned an outdoor wedding or reception, or a winter wedding, you have no doubt made some contingency plans for bad weather. If your big day is approaching and the weather forecast is not cooperating, it’s time to jump into Plan B mode. While you likely can’t get a large tent set up or move your venue at the last minute, you can still make accommodations as the day draws near. See if your venue has any backup spaces, such as a church vestibule or large entry area, where guests can seek shelter. Serve hot or cold drinks to keep everyone comfortable, and have a temperature-controlled space handy for any guest who might be adversely affected by dramatic temperatures. Buy out the dollar store of rain ponchos – your guests might get a laugh, and they can be protected from weather at the same time! While your wedding day is about you, don’t forget the health and safety of your guests.

Attire Disasters

One of the groomsmen flaked and didn’t get his tuxedo fitted, your bridesmaid’s plane was delayed and she still needs a final fitting. Hopefully, you were firm with your bridal party about fittings and other attire expectations well ahead of time, but last-minute apparel issues are wedding problem staples, unfortunately. This is the perfect time to enlist your aunt who is a great seamstress, call upon a local dressmaker shop, or lean on the bridal boutique that supplied your dresses. Last minute fixes will likely require extra costs (or a really nice thank-you gift certificate for your aunt), but wedding vendors are used to these issues.

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You Didn’t Eat Breakfast

In all the hustle and bustle of getting ready for your big day – don’t skip breakfast! You have a long day ahead of you, and you will need enough sustenance to make it through feeling good. You don’t want to feel faint at the alter or nauseated on the ride to the reception. If you plan on having a few drinks, you definitely want something in your stomach so your nerves and excitement don’t mix with alcohol for a disastrous consequence! You’ll fit in your dress just fine, and have the energy to enjoy your day, by beginning it with a healthy breakfast.

You Micromanage

Remember that you aren’t a caterer, a photographer, or a DJ. All your really important expectations and requests should have been well-communicated weeks before your wedding, so on the big day, let the professionals do their jobs. Too many last-minute directions, requests, and restrictions creates a level of tension that is counterproductive, and can hinder people doing their best work. Trust that you chose professionals who know what to do, and put your energy into enjoying every moment of your special event.

Ask for Help

Beyond your parents and bridal party, there are probably a lot of conscientious adults coming to your celebration. If you find yourself overwhelmed with last minute errands and small tasks – ask for help! You will find many of your guests have some free time and the abilities you need to take some of the load of you and your fiancé. You may also need to let some things go if it is the last minute and they are not completed. Ask yourself: will really matter in five years? Does it really make or break your wedding day dreams or your guests’ experience? If not, let it go!

No matter what interferes with your wedding day plans, you can enjoy a special day if you remain calm, get creative, and focus on your end goal. Depend on your fiancé, your family, and your friends to help you implement any modifications, and be willing to accept that you may have to make some last-minute compromises. Almost every wedding day includes some good stories for the grandchildren – so yours might as well!

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