Maine WeddingsOkay, you’re planning your wedding reception, right? Or maybe you are engaged and doing your initial excitement-induced research so you can plan your big day, yes? Whatever your circumstances might be you are here because you searched for something wedding related and landed here wondering what this blog is about.

Well let’s get started…

In the past I have talked about a brides day being something that she has dreamed of since she was a little girl… I have had brides tell me they have been planning since they were a kid and they have a very specific vision for their day. I have also worked with brides that are super lackadaisical about the planning process and didn’t give a wedding a single thought until they were engaged. These are all subjects that are covered in previous blogs… What I have found, the subject of this blog, is that there is a very common oversight in a lot of brides planning processes for their reception.

A brides day is all about them, right? Let’s be honest, we all know it is! This is the tradition, the expectation, the dream of the bride… to have her day in the spotlight as she starts her life with her new husband.

Brides, when planning your day keep in mind that your reception is a celebration of you and your new husband. It is a gathering of people that took time off from work, traveled to be with you, possibly staying in a hotel, and no matter what they have taken time away from their own lives to come be part of the biggest day of yours! Not only is your reception a celebration of your new chapter but it is also a way to thank your guests for coming out and witnessing/celebrating with you!

As a professional wedding DJ, I urge you to think about this the most when you are choosing music. Just because you hate the YMCA, Cha Cha Slide, We Are Family, Celebration, You Shook Me All Night Long, and Billie Jean doesn’t mean that your guests hate those songs; in fact, they expect those songs. If you want your guests up, dancing, and having a great time at your reception – Don’t take away the songs that people love!

Look at it this way: When you go to see your favorite musician you expect them to play all the songs that everybody knows and loves, right? If they played all of the obscure songs from their albums it would probably be the most boring concert you have ever been to and would leave wondering “what the heck was that?” This is the same for your reception… if you tell your DJ not to play all the wedding hits because they are too cliché, you hate them, you don’t want your reception to be like everyone elses… you are stripping the tools and resources your DJ has to get people up and dancing.

I want your vision of music and who you are to shine through every aspect of your wedding. There are plenty of ways to take who you are and insert that into every part of the reception without taking away the things people expect, know, and love.


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