Speaking From Experience:

Getting stressed out because your wedding looks like it’s going to drain every penny from your savings account? That’s okay…. you’re not alone. In fact, when my wife and I got married we were both shocked at how much things cost. Our decoration plans went to the bare minimum, our caterer was on the cheap, but we spent a gigantic portion of our budget on our DJ. 20%, or so, to be exact. So, when I am saying you should spend the extra money on your DJ… I am explaining why from my personal experience and not my profession.


A wedding DJ is the heart of your reception. I knew when we were selecting our DJ that age, style, and reputation were the things I wanted to look at. My wonderful wife put me in charge of the music because, of course, I felt most strongly about it. The DJ we chose could beat match, mix, and I had seen him command a massive dance floor in the past. I also knew that his pricing was more on the expensive side. But, to get what you want you must pay what they charge.

Maine DJThe Ferrari vs. The Ford Focus

There are reasons the Ferrari costs a lot more than most cars… especially a Ford Focus. There are reasons some DJs cost more than other DJs. If you want your DJ to have experience, knowledge, training, equipment, lighting, and to provide an experience of a lifetime, you MUST find someone who can provide all of those things. A DJs experience is worth its weight in gold, alone. Anyone can press play – but, not everyone can be the point man for your entire wedding. Not everyone can read a crowd and play the music your guests are responding to. It takes skill, practice, and a knowledge of music to make all of these things happen.

Budget “Friendly”

Our budget was really small for our wedding; however, for some people we may have had a HUGE budget. For us, personally, it was small. We valued not only everything above but how we spent our dollars. Everyone wants more bang for their buck. If I could save .01 cent I will. Being budget friendly just means you’re missing something. If you had a backyard pot luck, and spent %50 of your budget on a killer DJ, you’re guests are going to love you for it. A good friend of mine says something like “don’t be pennywise and dollar foolish”.

What Do You Want?

This is simple – If you just don’t care, which I don’t think is the case for any bride, you could get away with $500… or better yet, an iPod. If you want to rock the house, slay a dance floor, and hear your guests talk about your wedding for months to come you have got to put your dollars where they matter. So, what is it that you want?


As always, find the continuity and do your research. A diamond in the rough may work for you; however, they may not work either. The internet is a beautiful thing. You can find out almost anything about anyone at any time.

A good DJ Will:

  1. Provide preplanning services
  2. Provide day of coordinator functions
  3. Be your MC (master of ceremonies)
  4. Be your point person on the day of – providing a stress free experience
  5. Finally, they are your DJ providing the music and experience of a lifetime.

Photographer Credits:

Val Bozzi Photography: www.valbozziphotography.com