What is Uplighting?

Think of a light in your living room and how it cascades light. What does it do? It shines light down – or up which reflects off the ceiling and comes down. Either way, it’s a downward light. Uplighting are fixtures that sit on the floor and cascade colored lighting up walls, fixtures, and other natural elements in a room.

How Does Uplighting Help You?

Everything we do brings out an emotion in ourselves and the individuals around us. Movies bring out emotions through music and scripted drama. Our words bring out emotions and feelings in others. The ambiance, or energy, of a room evokes an emotion in your guests. Bland to beautiful can make a dramatic difference in the aura of your wedding.

What About My Outdoor Wedding?

Yes, what about it? When done correctly it makes NO difference what your chosen location is for your wedding. A good example here:

The Transformation

Is both beautiful and dramatic. Uplighting can make any wedding location feel more inviting, vibrant, and awe-inspiring. Bring your wedding to life with the color of your choice.

Wireless. Intelligent. Beautiful, uplighting.