Maine Wedding DJIt’s no secret that Maine Barn Weddings are on the rise! It appears that the desire to be married in some of Maine’s oldest buildings will continue, easily, until 2020 and beyond. We have been to a lot of barns… traveled a lot of miles … and seen a lot of different things.

The Hitching Post in Dayton stands out to us as one of the most beautiful barns to be married in. The venue has done a wonderful job providing an experience that goes beyond just being ‘rustic’. Some of the things that stand out, to us, are the lighting, landscaping, and decor of the venue. The three attributes go hand-in-hand in making for an atmosphere that makes you feel welcome and at home.

Functionality is a huge factor when providing a venue for a wedding…. especially in a barn! The Hitching Post is laid out in a way that allows a small venue to provide a grand experience. Having the ceremony up on the hill and walking down a stone path to the cocktail hour on the back patio… where the bar and 4, fully functional, bathrooms are located provide a seamless transition from the start of your day.

After the commencement of cocktail hour the venue opens the massive barn doors to the reception…. where you will find the quintessential modern-rustic decor on the walls, in the lighting, and on all of the tables. Leaving the barn doors open for the bar, and patio, for the remainder of the evening makes for a perfect night.

All around the venue you will find stone pathways, perfectly manicured gardens, & Maine’s greenest grass. Natural rock on the hill of the ceremony spot that overlooks the entire property…. you would never know you’re just minutes from downtown Biddeford when overlooking the massive property. It’s a beautiful place…. everything about The Hitching Post is just beautiful.

We get to visit the venue again in September of 2017. Cannot wait to experience this venue with the fall foliage! There are a lot of barns in Maine… more and more as time goes on. Put The Hitching Post at the top of your list. It is a must-see location!