What’s Our Style?

That’s easy – we don’t believe in cookie cutter weddings. We are huge advocates of creating a unique experience for you and your guests. No wedding is alike but there are countless DJs in Maine that are. One way we create a unique experience is by using music people have forgotten about. You are unique, your guests are unique, and the soundtrack to your wedding should be, too. Dating back as far as we can remember there have been musicians putting out songs that have them at the top of charts and then they just disappear. Those are the songs we like to drop and see what reaction we get.

If you’re a little weary of utilizing these gems we get it. We do like to mix music – so if a song isn’t working we’ll get out of it as soon as we got into it. But for reference – do any of these songs sound like a hell of a good time to you?

Photographer Credit: Two Adventurous Souls – Maine Wedding Photographers

Great Songs Don’t Stop Here

As some of Maine’s best DJs we want you to know that the great music doesn’t stop here. Sure, we love to fill your dance floor but it’s important to curate custom soundtracks for your cocktail and dinners hours, too. Let the forgotten throwbacks in time get feet tapping, heads bobbing, and guests singing their favorite tunes. Setting the mood for dancing is just as important as keeping them dancing. We have touched on that topic before and invite you to learn more about how we “prime” the dance floor. There is an art to making your Maine wedding special and we are Maine DJs that take a great deal of pride in doing just that.

What’s Your Favorite One Hit Wonder? 

Is there a song you’d love to hear at your wedding that you think no one would ever think of? Those are the songs we want to play. Leave a comment below – send us an email – whatever is best for you!  We’d love to add it to the lists!

Featured Image Credit: Samantha Kensell Photography – Maine Wedding Photographer