Painted Monogram on Plywood Dance Floor

Hosting an Private Party Kathy Welch and her family definitely know how to have a good time. We all have some lessons to learn from this families gathering. The family, like many, have a reunion every few years to keep in touch and remain tight knit; however, this year they did it differently. Not only […]

Bill Ellis Photography: The Barn at Round Top Farm inside Reception Area

Maine Barn Weddings The Barn at Round Top Farm is one of the most unique barn locations in Maine. As a wedding DJ I get to travel all over Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts to see venues of all kinds. I have seen barns of all shape and sizes in my travels. Maine barns have […]

Groom and Guests doing the Wobble by V.I.C

The Venue The Woodlands Club isn’t your average golfing resort. The facility features a banquet room that can hold an above average wedding guest list. At the back of the banquet room there is a tented cocktail hour space with built in sound equipment for your DJ to use. Also in the cocktail hour space […]

Wedding Guests Dancing the Cupid Shuffle

The Details On June 9th, 2019 I had the opportunity to provide wedding DJ and ceremony services for Colleen & Jay Marineau at the Union Bluff Meeting House. The venue utilizes a small plot of land, next to the hotel, overlooking the ocean of York Beach for their ceremony site. It is absolutely breathtaking to […]

Rustic Wooden Tables Set With Rustic Dinnerware at a Wedding Reception

The Trend As of October 2018, I have noticed that more and more couples are looking to without a cocktail hour. Upon further discussion, I learn that they just want to get to the party or, sometimes, just looking to save the money on the additional time they will need their DJ for. I am […]


Introduction I have, personally, done more than 100 weddings in the past 5 years. I have found that the placement of the entertainment is always overlooked or thought of last. It never occurred to me that someone may not know what is best… It’s not your responsibility to know what is best; however, it’s always […]

Do-It-Yourself Head Table under a Tent

A DIY Wedding and You There is a lot to be said for a couple that wants to do their wedding themselves: Diligent, headstrong, strong values, and frugal, are a few ways to describe a couple that wants to take on the biggest day of their lives head first. Planning any event is hard; whether […]

Disco Ball Glowing Blue, Purple, and Pink

The Ceremony Unlike most weddings I am a part of Arenda and Gard had already been married on December 23, 2017. Arenda really wanted a Christmas Wedding but also really wanted to have their celebration in a venue their family could enjoy. The compromise was that she would get to be married in December and […]

Do-It-Yourself Wedding Reception Table Under Tent

The Beginning In August, of 2017, the mother of the groom called me inquiring about a DJ who travels and can provide music for 250 people at an outdoor wedding in Greenville. Truth be told the wedding was outdoors overlooking Moosehead Lake in Maine. Having not met the couple I began planning with Rebecca for […]

First Dance as a Married Couple | The Chocksett Inn

What is Uplighting? Think of a light in your living room and how it cascades light. What does it do? It shines light down – or up which reflects off the ceiling and comes down. Either way, it’s a downward light. Uplighting are fixtures that sit on the floor and cascade colored lighting up walls, […]