Portland, Maine Uplighting Which is Purple at Grace in Portland

When planning an important event such as a wedding, banquet, or business celebration, there are so many important details on our minds that we seldom consider the lighting. Flip a switch, draw a curtain, and we have lighting, right? Well, not really. Overhead and traditional florescent lighting casts harsh shadows and is inconsistent. Natural light […]

Bride and Groom Hands on Red Roses with Their Wedding Bands

Wedding ceremonies come in all shapes and sizes these days. What was once a very traditional, and often stiff, portion of the overall event, can now really kick off the whole vibe of your day. You can keep your ceremony more lighthearted or set the stage for deep personal meaning. You can have portions that […]

A DJ Brings More Than Just Music to Your Holiday Party

If you’re planning a party for this holiday season, why not make it an event that stands out from all the other holiday parties by utilizing the skills of a professional DJ?! Whether you are in charge of a corporate party, or hosting a large holiday bash for friends and family, you can do something […]

Planning your wedding is an exciting time, but there are a lot of details that will go into making your big day everything you envision it to be. If you are a particularly busy couple, or just want to take sweating all the small stuff out off your shoulders, hiring a wedding planner may be […]

Groom and Groomsmen Standing at An Arbor with Wedding Officiant

With so much technology available at our fingertips today, it stands to reason that wedding management should be in the mix. Instead of paper lists and lots of manual communication – what about setting up a website just for your wedding to keep things organized and connect with your guests? But, are wedding websites really […]

Bride and Groom Doing a Dance With their Bridal Party

You may never plan as large an event as your wedding, and as exciting as this special day is, it shouldn’t leave you in financial ruins. According to the Knot, the average American wedding costs over $35,000, and is a major expense for most couples as they move toward married life together. Everyone wants to […]

Floral Centerpiece By Bounty O Blooms

Choosing your wedding flowers is one of the most creative aspects of wedding planning. Perhaps you are going the sentimental route and carrying the same flowers your mom did, or maybe your fiancé has always given you purple roses so they are a must have. Either way, set yourself up to have florals that perfectly […]

For some couples, setting the guest list for their wedding is one of the first contentious issues they face. The average American wedding hosts about 140 people, and it can be surprising how quickly your “must invite” list can grow. Throw in your parents’ best friends, and your soon-to-be mother-in-law’s expectations, and your list will keep growing […]

Bridesmaid corsage being put on by the bride

You’ve spent months planning your dream wedding and ideal reception. Now you are in the home stretch to your big day. All the reservations and deposits have been made, your invitations have been sent, and there are just a few final details to complete. Then, you get hit with a curve ball you didn’t expect. […]

Ladies Organizing Name Tags At A Professional Corporate Event

Hiring a professional DJ offers a lot of benefits when planning a business event. Far more than hiring a living jukebox, a skilled DJ can take your event from mediocre to memorable, all the while making the event much easier for you to manage. Whether you are looking for music as background atmosphere or you […]