Wedding Reception Hall with DJ Setup in Background At Point Lookout Overlooking the Mountains and Ocean

At the time of this blog I don’t know if Point Lookout is even doing weddings anymore. The facility changed owners, a little while back, and subsequently canceled all of the 2020 weddings. It was a very sad thing to hear that this beautiful location would no longer be home to countless couples tying to […]

Bride and Groom looking each other in the eyes after their ceremony in the trees.

There are a dozen things to plan your wedding date around – the location, the season, dates with special meaning – and yet you and your fiancé can’t decide on when to get married. Choosing your wedding date can be tough! Here are some strategies to help you decide when the time is right for […]

SpeedQuzzing Trivia by Drinking and Thinking Trivia and How it Can Be Used at Your Event

Trivia has evolved considerably from the old days of paper and pens in the pub! Today’s trivia utilizes technology with apps that allow groups to play together using smart phones or tablets. Still lead by an event host, apps such as SpeedQuizzing eliminate the wait times and cheating rampant in trivia games of the past, […]

Bride and Groom with bridal party at the arbor for ceremony

Being asked to be part of someone’s wedding is an honor. It means they think enough of your relationship to be part of their inner circle on their wedding day. However, your job is not just to show up. There is some effort expected and involved in your role. Once preparations are underway, members of […]

Bride Putting Wedding Band on Groom at Ceremony

Nothing personalizes your wedding ceremony like each of you speaking vows that you wrote yourself. Heartfelt, meaningful, and sometimes funny, writing your own vows doesn’t have to be as daunting as it sounds. You don’t have to be “a writer”, you just need to spend some time gathering your thoughts and writing them down. Your […]

Best Mans Hand Holding the Wedding Bands Before Ceremony Starts

Congratulations – you’re engaged! As you get ready to begin this new phase of your life, you’re no doubt anxious to begin planning your wedding. Take some time to celebrate your engagement first, as this is a big milestone in and of itself. If you’re going to have an engagement party, have it soon before […]

Bride and Groom Dancing in The Dark - Wedding Photographer Do's and Dont's

Nothing will capture your entire wedding day as much as your photography. The day, while amongst the most important days in your life, is hectic and will likely feel like a whirlwind when it’s all over. The only opportunity you have to ensure there is a permanent record of all your special moments is through […]

Groom and Wedding Guests Dancing at a Maine Wedding in Fryeburg

Your wedding is your own personal Super Bowl, so you want to be sure you will have the best team possible on hand to back you up on your big day! Wedding vendors will provide everything that goes into creating the environment and experience you are dreaming of, so make sure you select professionals who […]

Bride walking down aisle of her ceremony looking over the lake

Right alongside planning for your wedding comes planning for your honeymoon. Almost as often as you will be asked where you are registered, you will be asked, “where’s the honeymoon?!” This puts a lot of pressure on couples to plan a great getaway after departing the reception. However, unless you’re working with an unlimited budget, […]

Bride and Groom Facing Facing Each Other in the Maine Woods

Wedding planning is high stress, so it is no surprise that many couples experience some of their first big fights in the months leading up to their big day. Differences of opinion about spending money, expectations and judgements of close family members, blending different values and priorities, can all lead to conflict. Don’t let disagreements […]