Maine DJsJust recently I posted a quick forum on my Facebook Page and asked my current clients, and fellow colleagues, to provide insight to what they would like to see in my blog posts. One of my current brides asked a few questions specifically relating to, as she called them, “spotlight dances”.

For those that may wonder what a spotlight dance is.. think about the moments that it is just two people dancing to a song, like the Bride and Grooms first dance as a married couple, or the mother/son dance that later follows.

The first question I want to address is whether or not spotlight dances are expected.

For those of us that have been to a few weddings you know you can usually count on a few things, right? First you’re going to watch the loving couple become newlyweds, then you’re gonna eat some food, and eventually you’ll dance to the old classics like Celebration and Shout! You can almost certainly bet on some quirky games, the bouquet toss, and all of these things that are traditionally done at weddings.

The key word is traditional… Traditional, as defined on the inter-web, is something that is habitually done. To answer my brides question… yes, spotlight dances are an expectation!

Spotlight dances are moments that should be special to the two people involved. You shouldn’t look at the spotlight dances as cliche… Everyone wants their wedding to be different and you can easily make it different by using music that suits you versus the top 100 songs you can find all over the internet. If you don’t want to slow dance with your new husband or wife, don’t! You can do something that is coordinated, involves your entire wedding party, or you can have grandparents and parents join you on the floor to take the sole focus off of you. (If that’s what you’re truly worried about…) Just make sure it is special to you and your future spouse… If it isn’t special to you then it something you may regret later in life. You only get one chance to do this, so make it something you hold dearly even if it seems a little overwhelming at first!

I feel that the word “expectation” is a little firm when talking about a wedding… We aren’t passing in assignments and trying to meet some expectation to get a good grade, are we? The truth to the matter is nobody will miss the spotlight dances if your wedding reception flows well and people are having a good time. Sometimes change is a good thing, right? Just remember that spotlight dances are amazing Kodak Moments and these are great for photographers to capture and for you to have for the rest of your life… A little more info on that here.

My personal conclusion: Spotlight dances, like the Bride and Grooms first dance as a married couple, do them… even if you can’t dance! 🙂


About the Author
This is the belief that led Chris Bouchard to pursue his passion for entertainment and music by establishing Bouchard Sound. Throughout his life Chris has been performing in front of audiences and producing music. As a wedding DJ, he has the opportunity to watch as people have the time of their lives and considers it one of his most gratifying experiences.