Your Maine Wedding DJ: Chris BouchardRight alongside planning for your wedding comes planning for your honeymoon. Almost as often as you will be asked where you are registered, you will be asked, “where’s the honeymoon?!” This puts a lot of pressure on couples to plan a great getaway after departing the reception. However, unless you’re working with an unlimited budget, spending beaucoup bucks on a nice vacation, immediately following something as pricey as a wedding and reception, can put a lot of couples even further in debt. Here is some sound advice for how to celebrate your wedding with a honeymoon getaway, without breaking the bank:

There is no rule that your honeymoon has to happen immediately following your wedding!

You just finished what was probably the biggest event you ever planned, and celebrating for several days with your closest family and friends. Why not enjoy the excitement a little longer by hanging out a few more days with your wedding guests, catching up on some necessary sleep, and just enjoy the first few months of being married? Even the simplest of weddings often have a hefty price tag, so why not wait a bit, settle in to married life, and replenish your savings before going on a honeymoon? The zillion details involved in pulling off your wedding will be behind you, and you can enjoy a new project together planning your honeymoon destination.

Decide what you really want, the most, from your honeymoon so you spend money where it matters most.

Honeymoons come complete with several expenses, including travel, accommodations, food and drink, and excursion and spending money. Before booking your reservation, consider what aspects of the honeymoon matter the most to you both. Do you want to enjoy lavish accommodations or experience other parts of the world. Are you excited to submerse yourselves in another culture, or would you rather lay around a beach or pool sipping cold drinks. If remote travel is your priority, then you can save on your accommodations, perhaps staying in bed and breakfasts, hostiles or camping. If you really want to spend spa days together, then splurge on lavish accommodations at a swanky hotel, but keep the travel closer to home or at least domestic. If you just want to veg out and not think, look for a great all-inclusive resort with an airfare deal.

Do your homework and research for the best honeymoon destinations.

Every year, different parts of the country and the world are “new hot spots” for travel destinations, creating a lot of special pricing and discount packages for visitors to take advantage of. Areas that are up-and-coming, just coming out of rough times, or places just being discovered pop up all the time, and the tourist industry in these areas work very hard to build up their visitor counts. Get started early and research where the best “new” places are and look into these options. The internet provides endless search information on these spots, but this is also a good opportunity to sit with a travel agent as well. They are always up to date on the best prices, packages and travel options for honeymooners.

Traveling during the off-season can save a lot of money on travel expenses.

Taking your honeymoon during a destination’s off-season, or “shoulder season” (the time period just before or after their peak season) can save a ton of cash. For many people, they notice very little difference in the weather (when isn’t the Caribbean gorgeous?!), and you are still enjoying a getaway at a beautiful location. Not only will you get big price breaks, but you will experience fewer crowds, shorter waiting lines, and staff that is enthusiastic to have visitors to wait on. While you might not want to take your chances in hurricane season, it’s well worth looking into these timeframe options at your dream honeymoon location as sometimes one week can make a big difference in costs.

Don’t forget your own state as a great honeymoon destination!

You probably don’t need to go overseas to have a wonderful honeymoon, you probably don’t even need to get on a plane! Every state has hidden gem locations, featuring extravagant accommodations, breathtaking scenery, and fantastic new experiences. Mapping out a road trip together could be a really fun way to have quality time together at the beginning of your marriage. Why not take the train to the other end of your state, or a ferry ride to a local island? Get creative if you are on a budget – there are plenty of memorable activities and special experiences to have right in our own backyards!

Play the ‘Honeymoon Card’ for Better discounts!

Almost everyone has a soft spot for newlyweds. Don’t be shy about mentioning to travel agents, concierges, and other booking agents that it’s your honeymoon! You may very well get a room upgrade, a discount at the spa or on an excursion, or at least a complimentary bottle of champagne when you check in!

About the Author
This is the belief that led Chris Bouchard to pursue his passion for entertainment and music by establishing Bouchard Sound. Throughout his life Chris has been performing in front of audiences and producing music. As a wedding DJ, he has the opportunity to watch as people have the time of their lives and considers it one of his most gratifying experiences.